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Oct 3, 2014

Grizzlies 2014 Roster Rankings: 150-250

Grizzlies 2014 Roster rankings

From the website: is once again ranking every NBA player -- and counting them down on Twitter (@ESPNNBA), from No. 500 to No. 1. As the rankings are announced, you can also find them here on the pages of

ESPN's #NBARANK player rankings

Now we get to the first guys off the bench on the Grizzlies 2014 roster. Training camp starts today. Let the quest for a Memphis championship begin!


Kosta Koufos C | Age: 25 | 4.72


Courtney Lee SG | Age: 28 | 4.46

Somewhat astonishing to see no Grizzlies appear in the 200-250 range.

Other Memphis notables: Mike Miller #178, Jerryd Bayless #195, OJ Mayo #196, DeMarre Carroll #189, Ed Davis #185.

Sep 25, 2014

Grizzlies 2014 Roster Rankings: 250-500

Grizzlies 2014 Roster rankings

From the website: is once again ranking every NBA player -- and counting them down on Twitter (@ESPNNBA), from No. 500 to No. 1. As the rankings are announced, you can also find them here on the pages of

ESPN's #NBARANK player rankings

Here's a look at the guys on our squad today (including training camp invites). These guys are the bottom half of the league. Technically that would make them all "below average" but I believe these guys will pull their weight. Plus we have a few interesting prospects in Adams, Leuer, Stokes, and former #2 draft pick Michael Beasely. Either of these guys could step it up this season or next. It will be interesting to see how high our big dogs get this year. Will Michael Conley get the recognition he deserves? Will Gasol still be a top20? Not bloody likely! But will be fun to follow along.


Quincy Pondexter SF | Age: 26 | 3.62


Tayshaun Prince SF | Age: 34 | 3.48


Nick Calathes PG | Age: 25 | 3.40


Beno Udrih PG | Age: 32 | 3.36


Jon Leuer PF | Age: 25 | 3.14


Michael Beasley PF | Age: 25 | 2.92


Jordan Adams SG | Age: 20 | 2.71


Earl Clark PF | Age: 26 | 2.62


Jarnell Stokes PF | Age: 20 | 2.20

Quincy Pondexter drew a tweet from Memphis's Chris Vernon, "@QuincyPondexter 257? Quincy is gonna quit ESPN. Didn't eat McDonalds for years after not makin All-American." Quincy was not at the top of his game last year then went out with a bad injury. Look for a bounce back season from him as long as he can outplay Vince Carter, Tony Allen, and Jordan Adams in a very crowded Grizz back court.

Tayshaun Prince slipped quite far from his 2013 rank: #192. And I think 275 is actually a bit overrated at this point. I think he's only going to get spot minutes. His numbers are way off career averages; for Mr. Prince the beginning of the end has already started.

Would Calathes be ranked a little higher if he wasn't suspended during the playoffs? We'll never know. But its doubtful since the voters did not reward Beno Udrih for his masterful play in his absence at the backup point guard position. Although I suspect the drop is mostly due to his listless tenure in NYC last year, while voters likely failed to watch him soar in his brief time with Memphis.

Shocked to see Jon Leuer ranked above Darrell Arthur! Did not realize he was doing so bad in Denver. I suppose his best days may be behind him in (here in Memphis). His injuries kept him out too much but he was pure energy when healthy. Leuer on the other hand is intriguing. Will he break out this season? There is a large gap right now behind ZBO in the big man rotation...

Other Memphis notables: James Johnson at #248, Xavier Henry #262, Tony Wroten #289, Dante Cunningham #299, Darrell Arthur #323, Will Barton #329, Jeff Adrien #333 (former training camp invite), Drew Gooden #348, Austin Daye #349, CDR #358, Shawne Williams #408, Elliot Williams #439, Darius Morris #447, Joey Dorsey #495, Adonis Thomas #490, .

Sep 15, 2014

Top 10 Memphis Grizzlies Plays of the 2013-2014 Season

Here is a top 10 from last season. Hopefully we shall get a couple Vinsanity Grizzlies highlights this upcoming season! Let's go

  • Via youtube

  • Go Grizz!

  • Apr 30, 2014

    Better to be Lucky than Good!

    4 straight OT games? Grizz win 3 of them including last night's lunacy. How many huge leads have been squandered in this series by both teams? How many open looks does Durant brick? We saw a 3rd 4-point-play last night too. It's just baffling to watch, stranger than fiction!

    One of my heroes since January of this year has been Mike Miller. He is the X-factor in this team's chance to go deep this year. Has played every single grizzlies game regular and post-season! And he murdered the Thunder last night!

    Look at this series break-down I found on ESPN. It actually affirms that the Grizzlies deserve their 3-2 lead at this juncture, and overall dominating the Thunder:

    Minute Breakdown This Series

    Minute Breakdown This Series
    Grizzlies ahead 148
    Tied 19
    Thunder ahead 93

    The Grizzlies are going on. They play Game6 at home. This reminds me exactly of the Spurs series 3 years ago in 2011 where we were able to upset them as an 8 seed in round 1. That series was also closed out at home in Game 6. Not only that, the Grizzlies have always won when they play nearest, or on my birthday (the past 2 years it landed April 30 and May 2nd). But on May 1st against the Thunder in round2 in 2011 they upset them in Game 1 in OKC. So for all those reasons - I believe they get the win for my birthday tomorrow night! (May 1st, 2014 FedEx Forum, :: Memphis, TN)!!

  • ESPN Grizzlies 10 - some great content in here!
    Go Grizz!
  • Apr 16, 2014

    Grizzlies in the Playoffs AGAIN

    That's 4 straight post-season appearances for these Grizz. And now it goes without saying, the Grizzlies of 2011-2014 are far better than the Grizzlies from 2003-2006 (which got swept from the 1st round 3 years straight, an embarrassing 0-12 record). This blog has really fallen off the charts this year... maybe I'll pick it up again sometime, but it is what it is. Here are a few great Grizz items I found recently though and want to share:
  • That's Zbo's Music - Great article about Memphis sports in general and what Randolph brings to Memphis. He really captured why Zach Randolph is "so MEMPHIS". And no - nothing to do with poverty, hard luck, gang banging or any nonsense like that.

    This is a terrific video breaking down the Grizzlies clincher against Phoenix Monday night:

    Go Grizz!
  • Jan 24, 2014

    Long Needed Update for 2014


    Sorry I have been really bad about following and posting about Grizzlies this season. It just happens sometimes where life gets busy and other hobbies take priority. I also don't have a lot to say when things are going well. Ok, this season has had its ups and downs. In particular, the team has struggled to find its way with a new identity that is more uptempo and scoring oriented than in the past. Also without Marc Gasol in the lineup, this team isn't the elite contender that anyone would expect to come out of our division. Thus, our record is a combined 0-10 so far against our peers in the southwest division (Dallas, Spurs, Rockets, Pelicans). Let's hope we can correct that starting tonight in a back-to-back against Houston the Rocket.


    First of all, I am a huge fan of Courtney Lee so far. I watch almost every Celtics game since I live in the local market. I knew he was playing efficiently with a small number of minutes in Boston, but I had no idea he would bloom this way in Memphis. This shows what the human spirit is capable of achieving when someone believes in you.


    Next I want to comment on a subject that has been bothering me. I hear a lot of rumor talk about the need for a backup point guard on the Memphis Grizzlies, especially with the departure of Jerryd Bayless. Since I never considered him an option for the position I don't see how this is suddenly relevant at this time. This is especially true considering that we have a decorated veteran prototypical point guard just waiting to earn his minutes in Nick Calathes. I decided to conduct my own study.

    My little study is very simple. I sorted the NBA teams by winning percentage obviously to get a glimpse of the best record teams in order, and then compared this with the average number of assists of the TOP2 assist leaders on each team. Regardless of what position they play, if teams are getting assists and it correlates to win percentage, then it would be obvious that the Grizzlies would benefit from having a better assist man on the team. Here are the results of this study in these charts:

    Memphis currently on this date is sitting right at a 0.500 win percentage (20 wins, 20 losses). So they are still on the outside looking in. If you notice on the assist chart we are sitting right at the bottom of a dip in the assists totals. The Grizzlies fall outside of 1.126 standard deviations of the rest of the league. This puts us in the bottom 26% of the league. Despite my gut-feeling that we are fine with our number of assists from our leading players, it appears that we are well below the league norm.

    The million dollar question (I mean that quite literally) now for the franchise is whether increasing that statistic would lead to an improved record, and all the ancillary benefits that entitles a team to. The fact remains that the number of assists DOES NOT correlate to the win percentage. The correlation coefficient between the datasets is 0.372, which is pretty weak. Note: the close to 1.0, the "better" the correlation; the closer to zero, the "worse". The data supports this interpretation. Even Indiana, with the league best record, has the 3rd worst assist total behind only Milwaukee and Boston. Plus, there are other ways to increase your team assist numbers than by simply having a talented backup point guard. Some of the teams second-in-command assist leaders include Portland's Nick Batum, Spurs' Manu Ginobli, and the Clippers' Blake Griffin. These certainly are not point guards! But they find a way to get the job done. An example of a stat that would likely exhibit a near perfect correlation to win percentage would be assist-to-turnover ratio. Sheer number of assists doesn't lead to wins... That's kind of a head scratcher but it shows there are other ways to get the job done which include rebounding, winning the points in the paint, free throw disparity, fast break conversions, etc.

    Whether the Grizzlies get a back up point guard or not is not the issue for me. If they were to make a move the primary emphasis in my opinion is getting high-caliber, dynamic players such as Courtney Lee or an O.J. Mayo.

    Go Grizz!