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Sep 25, 2013

Number One Franchise in Sports: Grizzlies!?!

  • Grizzlies No. 1 ESPN Survey - based on a poll ranking categories such as stadium experience, trust in ownership, bang for your buck, and title expectations - the Grizz came out on top for 2013!

    Baby, we've come a long way! Once described by Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson as "Dresden after the war", Memphis is now the jewel of the Nile, or Mississippi.

    To me it only makes sense. The city believes. The people have passion and it's grown organically from the Gasols to the ZBOs and everyone in between. "We in the mud." It just kind of sticks and is "hip" enough to reverberate between street culture, corporate brass, and civic pride.

    You always have felt like the Grizzlies were going places. They'd always be under the radar but at some point we had to catch a break despite the 2003 draft/lottery, Stroshow and Thabeet, Allen Iverson backfire, and the departure of Jerry West. I would have never put us all the way up at "NUMBER ONE" but all things considered, damn it feels good to be a Grizzly! (now I just need to make a youtube video with the Gheto Boys song to Grizz highlights...)

    Go Grizz!