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Jun 12, 2013

Off to the Offseason

This blog hasn't been getting nearly as much attention as this year's playoffs have deserved. I suppose I haven't had a lot to pontificate on when things are going swimmingly. The sweep in the Spurs series just left me in a state of stasis. The games were so close, including 2 overtime games, you can't really say the Grizzlies just didn't show up, but losing four in a row is a pretty sound beating. Being there for game3 of the WCF in person, by pure luck, since I bought my plane ticket months in advance, not even knowing if the Grizzlies would make it out of round 1 again... Yeah it was a huge disappointment to me to come that far only to see them lose again. So I haven't felt like posting on the blog lately.

That'll all change once we turn to the offseason moves and we can nitpick every decision and ponder the realm of possibilities. First off, the head coaching vacancy left by Lionel Hollins. Great article on the Memphis Flyer covers it:

  • Coach Hollins Situation.

    The Grizzlies will get it going again next season because tough times don't last, and tough bears do. Stay cool out there this summer!

    Go Grizz!
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