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May 19, 2013


2011 Spurs vs Grizzlies :: Round 1 Playoff Match

2013 Spurs vs Grizzlies :: Western Converence FINALS

Bonus Video :: WHOOP DAT TRICK

Go Grizz!

May 16, 2013

Gonna Fly Now

This was the highlight of the season up til this point, which underscores the fact that today is the high point of the Memphis Grizzlies franchise.

Go Grizz!

May 15, 2013

Grizz in the Press

Now all the 2nd round games are more than 50% over, regardless of the outcome. 4 games have been played in all 4 series. The conference finals picture and potential NBA finals picture is getting pretty clear. It comes with a surreal giddiness to discover a lot of people turning their heads to our beloved team! Here are just some of the stories worth reading:

Can you believe it? Front cover of SI for Mike!
Go Grizz!

May 12, 2013

Crazy Bunch of Competitive Guys

  • GAME3 RECAP - Grizz 87 - OKC 81

    Grizzlies are just so tough at home. Even a bad game is a win. But they will be going back to Oklahoma with a tied series at 2-2 if they don't improve in the next home game on Monday. This is the tipping point of the series. If they can stay tough they'll really have some momentum on the Thunderboomers.

    Grizzlies ZOO CREW bench is stepping up. That is so far the XFactor. Conley and the starters are matching the OKC team but no one like ZBO is completely dominating. But with all their contributions collectively it looks like the Memphis Grizzlies have the upper hand so far.

    Go Grizz!
  • May 1, 2013

    Game 5: Knockout Blow!

  • Grizzlies deliver knockout blow - steal game 5 on the Clippers home court. Chance to close the series at home on Friday night. You know the Grindhouse will be infuego!

    "This is becoming the Harlem Globetrotters versus the Washington Generals" – TNT announcer, NBA Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller during the 3rd quarter.

    The Memphis Grizzlies do not stop!

    That could be the end of the Vinny Del Negro era and these Clippers as we know them.

    The Clippers could be broken for good.

    The clippers 10 game win streak that had amassed from the end of regular season to the 2 home wins to open this series has reversed itself into what is now a 3 game losing streak. Can they possibly be grounded for good in a fourth straight defeat on Friday night? We shall see! The only people giving LA a chance now are probably themselves and possibly not even their coaches. They will be a dangerous opponent with their backs against the wall, but it feels like they already hit the panic button last night in desperation as they foresaw the inevitable coming up over the horizon. This could very well be Memphis' time to shine.

    Magic Johnson was lamenting how the NBA is a "loser" this year for not having Kobe, Rose, Rondo, and Westbrook. The best aren't here to showcase at the end of the season. It hurts the NBA because now teams like guess who? Memphis, Indiana, Brooklyn, and such "3rd rate" franchises will get a shot at playing on towards June. Now you can add Blake Griffin to that list I think along with David Lee and Amare Stoudamire (remember him?). America has always been about the underdog though, Magic. Remember the #BostonStrong rally started somewhere around Bunker Hill in 1775.

    This isn't something new! This is old, and gritty! This is Grizzlies basketball!!!

    Go Grizz!