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Mar 14, 2013


Not much to say when the team is winning! Are you ready for Denver? I'm stumped that the Grizz won first in Portland on road and then back-to-back in the Staples Center. Amazing. Although now I see how the Blazers are starting to tank. Seeing Utah against OKC and Toronto against Boston tanking last night was sad too. But Happy days for Nation of Grizzlam.

I hear a lot of discussion about playoff potential matchups. I went through the entire Grizzlies schedule this year and made this chart:

1st - Spurs 1-2
2nd - OKC 1-1
4th - Clippers 1-2
5th - Denver 1-2
6th - Warriors 3-0
7th - Rockets 1-1
8th - Lakers 2-0
9th - Utah 2-0
10th - Dallas 1-1
That above is the Western standings of the top 10 - Grizz sit currently in 3rd place. Right column is the grizzlies win-loss against each team.

You notice we beat up on the bottom 5, but struggle with the top 4. Losing record against them all. So if you look at it in a microscope you'd conclude, "Grizzlies should win a series and then get stomped in 2nd round of playoffs this year". But who knows - this is a team that completely redid itself midseason. I think all bets are off until the playoffs get here. I think Grizz have a great shot - -- - but it won't be easy! Grizz will have to continue to gel, gain momentum, and have some pure luck along the way (paws on the balls).

Let's just get another win Friday night baby!

Go Grizz!

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