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Mar 29, 2013

Grizz Shall Rise Again

This blasphemous post comes to you amidst one of the Grizzlies longest losing streaks of the season. However, I'm not concerned. They have secured a playoff berth. All that matters now is contending and playing through May. Whenever this Grizzlies unit gets down, they quickly get back up. This is the calm before the storm. Have no fear, Grizz will emerge from his lair, with the golden rays of the portentous vestiges of summer shining down on his glory… … … ok, ok, just more of this please:

Denver Trip Report

  • Nuggets Get Win Over Grizzlies, 87-80

    Now my Grizzlies road game tour for 2013 is over for at least the regular season... I just got back from Denver last week although the game was 2 weeks ago now on Friday March 15th. We had about 3 hours to kill in downtown Denver on Friday in 70°F heat wave weather. Just the most amazing scene down at Great Divide Brewing, highly recommended. During this time I never once saw anyone with Nuggets paraphernalia, so I'm thinking, "gee, that's too bad they don't support their team, they're so good this year too."

    Wrong. When I arrive at the Pepsi Center the place is wall to wall Nuggets jerseys. Not just Iguodala and old Melo jerseys either. No, in additon to Iggy it was Lawson, Faried, Galinari, and the occasional Andre Miller. Also there were old school retro jerseys everywhere as well. Their jersey wearing rivals only Boston Celtics fans, who, in my experience, are the most die hard I've seen. The game was close all the way until the end. But the Grizzlies never really had control. Nuggets lead would build but Grizzlies always closed in. In the final moments the Nuggets had it in the bag though and we split during free throws of the final seconds to avoid the huge crowds and tuck our tails. I was sporting Grizzlies 2011 Playoff shirt, hat, and wrist bands of course. My wife and friend both had Grizz gear too. There were actually some fans to the right and behind us as well.

    This environment was a little more hostile than I'm used to. We actually play in the same conference and fighting for playoff position right now. I started going on a rant about how our bigs will dominate them in the end. They have no one to stop Gasol: Koufos + Magoo are garbage players. ZBO is just a level above Faried at this point. ZBO is his daddy. A guy in front of me turns around and you can tell he takes objection to my rant and stops me with, "OK WHO LEADS THE NBA IN POINTS IN THE PAINT?". .....Busted. I had to just say, "yep, you're right." But I was thinking it over first. I couldn't remember exactly the rankings off the top of my head, but I had to give him the point.

    In the end the Grizz played admirably on the road in a hostile environment at elevation. Believe me, the elevation is killer. I had to stop drinking alcohol on the second day there. It just totally messes with you and the climate is freakishly different than the humidity we're used to in Memphis and New England this time of year (rain + snow everywhere right now).

    So I pay my respect to the Denver Nuggets fans and their team. Really hard as nails and fun place to visit. Top of the Rockies? Hard to beat it.

    Go Grizz!
  • Mar 14, 2013


    Not much to say when the team is winning! Are you ready for Denver? I'm stumped that the Grizz won first in Portland on road and then back-to-back in the Staples Center. Amazing. Although now I see how the Blazers are starting to tank. Seeing Utah against OKC and Toronto against Boston tanking last night was sad too. But Happy days for Nation of Grizzlam.

    I hear a lot of discussion about playoff potential matchups. I went through the entire Grizzlies schedule this year and made this chart:

    1st - Spurs 1-2
    2nd - OKC 1-1
    4th - Clippers 1-2
    5th - Denver 1-2
    6th - Warriors 3-0
    7th - Rockets 1-1
    8th - Lakers 2-0
    9th - Utah 2-0
    10th - Dallas 1-1
    That above is the Western standings of the top 10 - Grizz sit currently in 3rd place. Right column is the grizzlies win-loss against each team.

    You notice we beat up on the bottom 5, but struggle with the top 4. Losing record against them all. So if you look at it in a microscope you'd conclude, "Grizzlies should win a series and then get stomped in 2nd round of playoffs this year". But who knows - this is a team that completely redid itself midseason. I think all bets are off until the playoffs get here. I think Grizz have a great shot - -- - but it won't be easy! Grizz will have to continue to gel, gain momentum, and have some pure luck along the way (paws on the balls).

    Let's just get another win Friday night baby!

    Go Grizz!