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Feb 18, 2013

Only in Memphis

This is the "We Don't Bluff City", home of the GRINDFATHER, TA09. The MACBO50 is lethal deadly weapon; probably want to get your hands on one before they ban them. I just finally got my SLAM magazine framed and hung in the Grizzlies shrine:

It's not serious; it's very serious.

If you missed the Allstar game. Then you missed nothing. Except ZBO was there. And Kyrie Irving. That kid! Terrance Ross was good. Faried good. Allstars?

I have to start with a prediction. Grizzlies will lose the Raptors by 5 points Wednesday night and everyone will freak out. Then they will win big in Orlando Friday. And follow that performance with a 2 point win in Brooklyn on Sunday.

It is essential that all bears remain hungry for the duration of the season!


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    Go Grizz!
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