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Feb 27, 2013

Memphis on My Mind

  • Grizzlies Mavs Preview – another big game tonight. Welcome back Mayo!
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    Oh goodness, did I have a great a time in Brooklyn this weekend? The Nets didn't really, and Grizzlies fans were holding their breath. But the final result was another grindout. Another tally to the winstreak we got going again. It's time to start really pushing for the second season. Things are really coming together. When they need a bucket, someone gets one. When they need a stop, they get it.

    This was a weird game on Sunday against Brooklyn. Joe Johnson was out and they start CJ Miles. What happened to Marshon Brooks? He came off the bench in 2nd half and torched us. Although looking at the boxscore I guess he didn't convert as many buckets as I thought. I am biased since he is a recent product from Providence, RI - and I catch some of their games here in Rhode Island. It was pretty cool though - I met another big basketball fan who does broadcasting of some sort for the Providence Friars, who shared the bus ride home with me. I raised the question about the BIG EAST basketball.

    Last night you might have seen the Memphis Tigers on ESPN2. To be honest, it was my first time seeing them this season. I must have jinxed them because they lost to lowly Xavier, who I watched also last week play twice against none other than University of Rhode Island and VCU. The commentators mentioned how University Memphis is among the quickest and most athletic in the country. I thought, "then how the heck can they be losing this bad to an awful team that barely beat URI which is the bottom of their conference?" (Xavier / URI was really close until the final minutes when Xavier pulled away to a wide margin, but it was much closer than Memphis was in the first half!!)

    The answer of course... GRIT GRIND. They couldn't grind it out. Grind is not just "struggling" to survive. Grind is hard work. Grind is also concentration, teamwork, and commitment. It's making free throws. It's helping on defense. It's making the right pass, taking it to the hole, or pulling up at just the right time. It seems simple but I think they put a tremendous amount of practice into it collectively. See: Gasol: Skilled in all ways of contending. The Grizzlies are marked across the league as being the big bruisers and a physical presence. They trade away the most athletic freak on the team, Rudy Gay. But I think just as important to their game is mental and calculating. It's the real difference between Win and Loss.

    Go Grizz!
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