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Jan 24, 2013

Young and Hungry - Schadenfreude

Wayne Ellington - out.
Mareese Speights - out.
Josh Selby - out.

Tony Wroten - IN.
Hamed Haddadi - IN.
Chris Johnson (OH) - IN.

The jury is out on whether our new man from Wisco via Cleveland, Jon Leuer, contributes. Regardless, my spirits are high after a blowout victory at home against the crumbling Lakers. I thought if they really do throw in Wroten, Haddadi and this Johnson kid, then what would be hysterical is for them to raise their game. Hollins said he would play them and throw them to the fire almost with schadenfreude at what would become of the young guys he suddenly was left to work with in his rotation.. Also Jerryd Bayless and Darrell Arthur both had monster games off the bench last night. Arthur was 20 and 9. He absolutely beasted with Dwight Howard in the locker room going against minor threats such as Pau Gasol, Earl Clark, and Antawn Jameson.

So it is with schadenfreude that we look upon the new edition of the young and hungry Grizzlies and the demise of those LA Lakers!

Grizzlies rattled them early and never let off the gas in this one. If we can bottle this, we look like we're ready to make a run into 2013 and go deep.
This shoulda made ESPN top10:
"On that dunk, all of a sudden it hit me. Not only was it Dwight Howard, it was also Pau Gasol – the two twin towers. It just seems like they’re going to block it. I just got up my energy and got that dunk. I’m usually a really emotional player, but when I dunked that I just smiled and got back. This is my dream to play in the NBA, and a game like this against Kobe Bryant, one of the best players every in the history of basketball, this is a dream come true."

Sounds a bit star-struck. Wroten had been spending the majority of his time in the DLeague, but with the big trade he's now the 2nd string point guard, which is fantastic. Bayless was sucking it up big time at the primary backup point position. He can still run it when needed but he's much better playing the 2-spot with the Grizzlies. He's a better pure scorer than a distributer – that's just what it is. Albeit, Tony Wroten can play Xavier Henry-ish 2-guard duty as well. Oh and isn't it fitting that Chris Johnson chose the Sam Young #4 jersey? They might turn out to be very similar players.

Go Grizz!

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