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Jan 29, 2013

Midseason Report

  • Midseason Report - they give grizz a "B". I think that's pretty fair. Grizzlies are chugging along. For midseason report grade, I give them an A-! Zach allstar jersey - on sale now. I might have to finally get one of these. The only current player jersey I have is Rudy. I hope he stays through this year at least. Why the "A-"? Well, I don't like all the roster moves they have made and why Hamed Haddadi spends so much time on the bench. But you can't mess with success. Somehow Hollins gets it done even with one of his leaders out (Mike Conley out and the Grizz still win a tough one on the road last night down by a ton of points).

    ZOO CREW lives on. Grit and Grind lives on.

    What can the Grizzlies do from here on out? How to compare against the other elite? "Just win, baby!"

    Go Grizz!
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