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Jan 3, 2013

Celtic Letdown

  • The C's never knew what hit them. Any attempts to rally were thwarted by terrific play all-around on the Grizzlies. It wasn't a humiliation game and it wasn't the best we've seen from our Memphis players, but it certainly got the job done.

    The crowd began cheering during the opposing team's intros as a favorite from long ago, Tony Allen, returned to the Garden for just his second time since turning over to Memphis for his 3 year $10M deal, which ends this year by the way. The crowd then went nuts for the return of Avery Bradley, who has been away from the game since the start of the playoffs last season. It looked like it would be a special night from the beginning with a sellout crowd and still rowdy from the holidays.

    Grizzlies cruised in this towards the end of the first half. That lead just snowballed in the 3rd quarter. By the time the 4th quarter got going both teams' offenses turned anemic. It was easy to just kick back and watch the Boston fans try to outdo each other at looking foolish for the jumbotron and ogle the dancers during the frequent breaks in action, who seemed to be completely missing from the first 3 quarters of the game, but made up for lost time nicely!

    During pregame warmups, I really studied the players and their body language. I could tell the Grizzlies were going to come out hard. I didn't see the same intensity on the green side either. But I was suprised how ineffective they were against Memphis. They worked pretty hard on defense but then on offense it's like they thought it would just be easy and the Grizzlies are the number one defense as far as points allowed right now in the NBA. You have to come with your A game guys. Unfortunately for Boston, guys like Jason Collins never had an A game even in their prime, and I do believe Jason Terry has lost his. Right now Rondo and Pierce can't find theirs either.

    This was a rare game I had to attend solo, but I made the most of it and tried my best to represent the Grizz in enemy territory. I had a handful of positive comments about my "F*cking Rudy Gay, Man!" shirt. I don't think I offended people too much with my loud cheering. So I am calling this one a success! See you guys next in Brooklyn baby!

    Go Grizz!
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