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Jan 22, 2013

At the Crossroads

"There's no Showtime in Memphis anymore."
Speights - what an animal.
We're down one great player today. Especially after trading Dante Cunningham for Wayne Ellington - who is also gone with this trade - our front court just got really thin. The Wisconsin Badger that we got back from Cleveland had a great rookie season in Milwaukee but never got out of the gates thus far in his second season. Now Memphis may be depending on him resurrecting that career with the Grizzlies.

I'm ok with the trade with how terrible the team has performed lately. I would guess that Speights was unhappy with his playing time and role, as well as Selby. Ellington we know has just not gotten it done, despite the fact he had one of his best games yesterday in his entire NBA career. But the give away of our 2015 first round pick is suicide. That was unbelievable on top of losing 2 quality bench players. And if Selby blossoms and becomes a "star" in Cleveland, we'll always regret this move. I guess that isn't likely but it's something to contemplate.

The thing I can't stand to read along this story is the names being mentioned of unemployed veterans that we plan to bring in to fill up the 2 empty roster spaces. Delonte West is a person that should be in jail, if not a mental institution. I can't believe they will continue to make him a millionaire with all the problems he's had. I understand that Chris Wallace has a history with him but then how can he ignore the stories of problems he caused in Boston? Very strange. Then mention of Sasha Vujacic who is terrible, and mention of Kenyon Martin, who is another classless thug, just makes my blood boil. The Grizzlies have had plenty of knuckleheads on their team but I have felt always they always hire solid character people. It's upsetting to think we're moving away from that matter of principle and integrity and signing whoever we can just if they can play without taking into consideration their past behavior and massive transgressions against humanity.

Go Grizz!

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