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Jan 31, 2013

Here is to Rudy Gay

Franchise leader of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Big shoes to fill. Lots of emotions right now, before looking ahead I just want to remember the great things we've seen in the recent past from this incredible young athlete while he was here on this team. You don't need words for this day. He's a pro and it's off to another city and another fan base. Simply business, but also a new beginning. You can only wish good things for Rudy Gay and the Grizzlies going forward.

"Make your own luck..." -Rudy after another game winner in Oakland

Rudy Gay over the Pacers

Chilling how I just completed this painting of Gay. I guess maybe the trade rumors helped motivate me to get it done though.

Go Grizz!

Jan 29, 2013

Midseason Report

  • Midseason Report - they give grizz a "B". I think that's pretty fair. Grizzlies are chugging along. For midseason report grade, I give them an A-! Zach allstar jersey - on sale now. I might have to finally get one of these. The only current player jersey I have is Rudy. I hope he stays through this year at least. Why the "A-"? Well, I don't like all the roster moves they have made and why Hamed Haddadi spends so much time on the bench. But you can't mess with success. Somehow Hollins gets it done even with one of his leaders out (Mike Conley out and the Grizz still win a tough one on the road last night down by a ton of points).

    ZOO CREW lives on. Grit and Grind lives on.

    What can the Grizzlies do from here on out? How to compare against the other elite? "Just win, baby!"

    Go Grizz!
  • Jan 24, 2013

    Young and Hungry - Schadenfreude

    Wayne Ellington - out.
    Mareese Speights - out.
    Josh Selby - out.

    Tony Wroten - IN.
    Hamed Haddadi - IN.
    Chris Johnson (OH) - IN.

    The jury is out on whether our new man from Wisco via Cleveland, Jon Leuer, contributes. Regardless, my spirits are high after a blowout victory at home against the crumbling Lakers. I thought if they really do throw in Wroten, Haddadi and this Johnson kid, then what would be hysterical is for them to raise their game. Hollins said he would play them and throw them to the fire almost with schadenfreude at what would become of the young guys he suddenly was left to work with in his rotation.. Also Jerryd Bayless and Darrell Arthur both had monster games off the bench last night. Arthur was 20 and 9. He absolutely beasted with Dwight Howard in the locker room going against minor threats such as Pau Gasol, Earl Clark, and Antawn Jameson.

    So it is with schadenfreude that we look upon the new edition of the young and hungry Grizzlies and the demise of those LA Lakers!

    Grizzlies rattled them early and never let off the gas in this one. If we can bottle this, we look like we're ready to make a run into 2013 and go deep.
    This shoulda made ESPN top10:
    "On that dunk, all of a sudden it hit me. Not only was it Dwight Howard, it was also Pau Gasol – the two twin towers. It just seems like they’re going to block it. I just got up my energy and got that dunk. I’m usually a really emotional player, but when I dunked that I just smiled and got back. This is my dream to play in the NBA, and a game like this against Kobe Bryant, one of the best players every in the history of basketball, this is a dream come true."

    Sounds a bit star-struck. Wroten had been spending the majority of his time in the DLeague, but with the big trade he's now the 2nd string point guard, which is fantastic. Bayless was sucking it up big time at the primary backup point position. He can still run it when needed but he's much better playing the 2-spot with the Grizzlies. He's a better pure scorer than a distributer – that's just what it is. Albeit, Tony Wroten can play Xavier Henry-ish 2-guard duty as well. Oh and isn't it fitting that Chris Johnson chose the Sam Young #4 jersey? They might turn out to be very similar players.

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 22, 2013

    At the Crossroads

    "There's no Showtime in Memphis anymore."
    Speights - what an animal.
    We're down one great player today. Especially after trading Dante Cunningham for Wayne Ellington - who is also gone with this trade - our front court just got really thin. The Wisconsin Badger that we got back from Cleveland had a great rookie season in Milwaukee but never got out of the gates thus far in his second season. Now Memphis may be depending on him resurrecting that career with the Grizzlies.

    I'm ok with the trade with how terrible the team has performed lately. I would guess that Speights was unhappy with his playing time and role, as well as Selby. Ellington we know has just not gotten it done, despite the fact he had one of his best games yesterday in his entire NBA career. But the give away of our 2015 first round pick is suicide. That was unbelievable on top of losing 2 quality bench players. And if Selby blossoms and becomes a "star" in Cleveland, we'll always regret this move. I guess that isn't likely but it's something to contemplate.

    The thing I can't stand to read along this story is the names being mentioned of unemployed veterans that we plan to bring in to fill up the 2 empty roster spaces. Delonte West is a person that should be in jail, if not a mental institution. I can't believe they will continue to make him a millionaire with all the problems he's had. I understand that Chris Wallace has a history with him but then how can he ignore the stories of problems he caused in Boston? Very strange. Then mention of Sasha Vujacic who is terrible, and mention of Kenyon Martin, who is another classless thug, just makes my blood boil. The Grizzlies have had plenty of knuckleheads on their team but I have felt always they always hire solid character people. It's upsetting to think we're moving away from that matter of principle and integrity and signing whoever we can just if they can play without taking into consideration their past behavior and massive transgressions against humanity.

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 19, 2013

    Grizzlies Paintings

    100_4889100_4890grizz logoRudy Gay over the Pacers

    grizzpaint0113, a set on Flickr.

    I have been goofing with paints lately while watching those blowout losses. I had to do something productive. Actually it's common that I'm doing something else like reading a magazine during games. It's a long season! I also hate commercials. So you gotta keep occupied. Here is a progress of the grizz logo and the finished product of a Rudy Gay painting.

    Jan 8, 2013


    Twenty-two means a couple things to the Grizzlies. Right now the Grizzlies have twenty-two wins after 1 week of January. It's also the jersey number of a guy named Rudy Gay. In Rudy's first 2 seasons with the Grizzlies he saw 3 different coaches. Both seasons ended with twenty-two wins.

    In 2007 they finished 30th in the NBA in attendance. In 2008 they finished 29th. It also marked the departure of franchise leader, Pau Gasol. A new era was just starting to take root.

    After 2 consecutive playoff runs in 2011 and 2012, the Grizzlies of 2013 sit atop a pace for their best record in franchise history. Despite the great early success, the rumor mill is churning about another franchise leader heading out the door. A lot of good can come by a change of scenery for both parties. I just hope that if Rudy ever does leave the Grizz that his legacy takes him further and the Grizzlies are stronger for it. We've seen a lot of guys from the first playoff runs prior to 2007 (2004, 2005, and 2006) end up with rings: Battier, Posey, Miller, Cardinal, Jason Williams, and of course 2x champion Pau Gasol.

    For Rudy to stay in Memphis the time has to be now. I hear them say before, "why not us?" The debate is always on the Knicks, Heat, Celtics, Clippers, Thunder, Spurs. Why not the Grizzlies? Why not Rudy Gay? Twenty-two symbolizes something special. For me, today, it's remembering how far this team has come. It's been a long wait for this kind of team. Now let's see how far they can go this year!

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 3, 2013

    Celtic Letdown

  • The C's never knew what hit them. Any attempts to rally were thwarted by terrific play all-around on the Grizzlies. It wasn't a humiliation game and it wasn't the best we've seen from our Memphis players, but it certainly got the job done.

    The crowd began cheering during the opposing team's intros as a favorite from long ago, Tony Allen, returned to the Garden for just his second time since turning over to Memphis for his 3 year $10M deal, which ends this year by the way. The crowd then went nuts for the return of Avery Bradley, who has been away from the game since the start of the playoffs last season. It looked like it would be a special night from the beginning with a sellout crowd and still rowdy from the holidays.

    Grizzlies cruised in this towards the end of the first half. That lead just snowballed in the 3rd quarter. By the time the 4th quarter got going both teams' offenses turned anemic. It was easy to just kick back and watch the Boston fans try to outdo each other at looking foolish for the jumbotron and ogle the dancers during the frequent breaks in action, who seemed to be completely missing from the first 3 quarters of the game, but made up for lost time nicely!

    During pregame warmups, I really studied the players and their body language. I could tell the Grizzlies were going to come out hard. I didn't see the same intensity on the green side either. But I was suprised how ineffective they were against Memphis. They worked pretty hard on defense but then on offense it's like they thought it would just be easy and the Grizzlies are the number one defense as far as points allowed right now in the NBA. You have to come with your A game guys. Unfortunately for Boston, guys like Jason Collins never had an A game even in their prime, and I do believe Jason Terry has lost his. Right now Rondo and Pierce can't find theirs either.

    This was a rare game I had to attend solo, but I made the most of it and tried my best to represent the Grizz in enemy territory. I had a handful of positive comments about my "F*cking Rudy Gay, Man!" shirt. I don't think I offended people too much with my loud cheering. So I am calling this one a success! See you guys next in Brooklyn baby!

    Go Grizz!