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Nov 21, 2012


  1. Zach randolph gives thanksgiving turkeys - this is the man right here.
  2. ZBO on the Chris Vernon Show - awesome interview with Zach on the Vernon Show.
  3. The Life of Zach Randolph- terrific article about the career and roots of ZBO.
The Word on Marc Gasol:
Tuesday's Bullets By Henry Abbott

Anyone who happened to see the Nuggets beat the Grizzlies last night ... I'd like to read 15,000 words on all the things Marc Gasol did of interest in just this one game. He's right there with Chris Paul in terms of "players whose chess-like thinking is visually evident." There were about eight different moments where he did things that were some combination of strategic, deceptive, dirty or brilliant. Was very hard to know if I wanted to cheer for those things or not (one of his less successful moves: trying to decapitate Danilo Gallinari with a "post move") but without any doubt, he'd be a guy I'd want to play with instead of against. Also amazing about him: He's out-quicking people even though he's seven-feet tall and not as skinny as he could be.

I am so thankful the Grizzlies are off to the best start of their career(s). I am thankful to all the coaches, players, and bosses for putting the team together. Going forward we have exciting new young ownership to go along with the local investors. Things can't look much better for the Grizzlies right now.

Power Rankings: Grizzlies new No. 1

By Marc Stein Monday, November 19

We haven't seen a team mow through three straight opponents sporting winning percentages of .750 or better, as the Memphis Grizzlies just did, since the opening month of the 2000-01 season.

Unbeaten in November. Fifteen straight wins at home dating to last season. Victories over the Heat (home), Thunder (road) and Knicks (home) in succession to put the Q in quality win. Trailing only the Knicks (+10.5) and Clippers (+9.3) in per-game point margin (+9.0). Any questions?

Already touched on ZBo + Gasol. Know why they are important. Here is the rest:

I am thankful for Rudy Gay - he is playing as the star player we always thought he was, but within the system of a great team. That is pretty rare actually.

I am thankful for Tony Allen - he is still the guy that came in and turned this team from a bunch of misfits into the highest turnover rate team in the league... again.

I am thankful for Mike Conley - his contract was initially denounced by all basketball "experts" as another foolish move by the Grizzlies. Link. But he has proved them all wrong. Now they say he may be underpaid. Now myriad teams would kill to have Conley right now.

thankful that they put these guys together with a plan.

thankful that Mayo found a home in Dallas and made way for the Zoo Crew: Speights, ellington, Bayless, and q pondexter have been terrific off the bench. Against okc they alone made up the difference in the score in the first half to help us push past them for the double-digit win.

But keep it in perspective. we got a lot more to be thankful about than just sports. enjoy the holidays and everybody love everybody.

Go Grizz!

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