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Nov 5, 2012

Grizzlies New Ownership & Opening Night

  • New Grizzlies ownership introduction - click on this link to go see the press conference of introduction of the new Grizzlies owner and CEO. The video is here.
    couple things I liked to hear:
    1. Want FedEx Forum to be most technically advanced NBA arena.
    2. Want to bring his Ubiquiti company to Memphis and integrate it with Memphis schools.
    3. Pera quit Apple because he was a low-level intro engineer and not able to reach his full potential, so started his own company. Wants to create wealth and success for the city.
    4. Immediately wanted to extend the Grizzlies lease in Memphis to prove to locals they are committed to our community. This is also proven by the members of the ownership group - many local legends!
    5. No "small market" team mentality.
    6. Make the team more exciting and "marketable". This could be potentially dangerous if you sacrifice talent for "pizazz" but sounds like they want to win and thrill together. Not the same ole', same ole'.
    7. Really wants to help impact Memphis positively - from what he says - sounds like it aligns with his career goals.
    8. Said Memphis Fans will see him dunk.
    Go Grizz!
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