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Jul 23, 2012

Allstar: Josh Selby

  • NBA SUMMER LEAGUE 2012 Allstars – Josh Selby was named Co-MVP of the Vegas Summer League! He shot lights out!
    Let’s stop right here and contemplate that the second-year player out of Kansas has hit 19 of 26 from long range in the first three games. Grab your calculators, punch in the numbers and prepare to be amazed. You’ll see 0.73076923 on the screen. That kind of brilliance demands eight decimal places. There are a fair number of guys who don’t shoot 73% from the free throw line, let alone 24 feet from the basket. And yes, I know that it is Summer League, but how many guys could hit 73% from deep in an empty gym?
    Pete's Perspective

    Could this bet he future O.J. Mayo 2.0 with similar escalation we saw in the notorious Gasol 2.0? Will Selby make the same quantum leap we saw from Pau to Marc in replacing the 3rd pick of the 2008 NBA draft, the Juice Man? Anyway we gotta lot of weapons coming into this season. Beware to the rest of the West Conference.

    Grizz Girls auditions for 2012

    BONUS: Grizz Girls seem to be getting utmost quality auditioning this year. I mean their dance moves; assuredly I'm not making any vain statements based solely on their physical appearance in this photo:

    Go Grizz!
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