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May 11, 2012

ZBO'D Zwei

May 11, 2012 9:00pm EST

Tonight is the big big big big test. Win Game 6 on the road, or go home. Third Time is the Charm????? I ask, what are the odds of losing three straight in LA? Surely We can overcome them! #BELIEVEMEMPHIS

Who are the top assist leaders in the 2012 playoffs?
Rondo, CP3, and then Mike Conley, Jr.

Who are the top 3pt % shooters in the 2012 playoffs?
Tony Parker (100%) then a tie between Andre Miller, Chris Bosh, and Quincy Pondexter (67%)! (4 games or more played)
“Once we get to Staples Center,” said guard Randy Foye, “we will take care of business.”
Gasol said: “We haven’t done anything yet.”

One quarter at a time. One Game at a time. One Series at a time.

Not how you start (up 27?) but how you finish…
Go Grizz!

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