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May 13, 2012

In the Grizz Den, Drei

Can't get toooooo overconfident here for this pivotal Game 7, but everyone had expected the Clippers to close out Game 6 at home until the Grizzlies blew them out at their home in Game 5. Now it's still expected to be a win. Yet you have to respect what the Clippers have done and could do again. They too have made miraculous come-backs behind their lethal weaponry.


This is for the 3rd straight victory over LA Clippers. The hard part isn't over. But Grizzlies have set the tone now and have the foundation. Today they just have to go out there and ride the emotional wave that coming back down from 3-1 provides. That means riding the plays and the intensity levels that got them here.

Definitely the fans will be doing their part. Let's keep this train rolling #GrizzNation!

Go Grizz!

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