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May 5, 2012

from Jerusalem to Jericho

I been reading about how important home court advantage is. Piffle. They point out how Clappers won all 2 home games against Grizz, and in the one regular season home game at Memphis, the Grizz won. Just look no further than game 1 of this playoff series to see how much that paid off.

You can't just look at the Grizzlies road record anyways. They got slaughtered on those long west coast road trips this year. Here is a friendly reminder of what the Grizzlies are capable of accomplishing on the road:

That says "Balanced Grizzlies Snap Heat's 17-Game Home Winning Streak". I believe the odds were 8 to 1 that night against the Grizzlies
Don't sleep on this series!
Go Grizz!

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