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May 9, 2012

Elimination Evasion, Einz

Grizzlies are shown to be pretty huge favorites to win tonight's home game 5 against the Clippers. To be sent home tonight in front of your home crowd would be a slam dunk to this franchise's spirit, and a crushing blow to fans of the underdog everywhere. Grizzlies are supposed to be the feel good story of the NBA right now and it surely won't feel good to just get walloped by the Floppers and the Clappers 2 out of 3 games at your home court. I don't think many people would expect it to happen like this, but the way the Clappers have purveyed their Clap, it certainly is possible.

Here are some really awesome stats I saw on ESPN this morning:

Clippers Win Percentage in Close-Out Games28.6 %
Grizzlies Win Percentage in Close-Out Games33.3 %

That means when they can close it out. Grizzlies have had only 3 opportunities to close out opponents and only did once obviously last year in game6 against Spurs. The Clippers have the worst close-out percentage in all the NBA. At least we have that going for us!

PDS Believes in the Grizzlies from Presbyterian Day School on Vimeo.

Go Grizz!

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