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Apr 29, 2012

Grizzlies vs Clippers Preview: SG

Two very different players lineup against each other at the shooting guard position. Tony Allen is mister tenacity on both ends of the floor. Randy Foye is more of a scorer, and has been on a huge tear from downtown in the recent weeks. He's played well enough to keep Mo Williams in a 6th man role (when healthy) and to make the loss of Chauncey Billups a little more tolerable. Although if they had Chauncey all season you might see them playing the Mavericks with the number 2 seed instead of the number 5 against Memphis right now. (Big shoes to fill to Mister Bigshot).

Tony Allen

Hustle: Play of the Day (02/18/2012): Tony Allen's Great Game-Winner Putback Shot vs. Warriors

Randy Foye

Flow: The term volume shooter comes to mind. Quality volume shooting:

Tony Allen almost single-handedly changed the culture of the Grizzlies (although we believe Coach Hollins has something to do with that). He's the number one cheerleader on the bench, able to provide a spark to the team even when he's playing limited minutes to allow O.J. Mayo to get his burn. In order to wrangle in the theatrics of Chris Paul the pressure will come from Tony Allen throughout this series. Plus as a NBA Champion with the Celtics, he brings a combined five years of post-season experience to the table. On the other hand Randy Foye has never been on a team that sniffed the playoffs. Foye is a deadly deep threat but when the teams last met their long-range gunners were shooting blanks. (Paul and Foye combined 2-6 from downtown which is a pedestrian 33%). But in March when the Clippers clownstomped us, Foye connected 4 whoppers from downtown out of 8 attempts, a very respectful 50% from downtown and a game-changer performance! Foye's first playoff games will be his chance to prove his lottery draft status and prove he's a legit starter on a legit playoff team, which would be a career boost for him indeed. For Tony Allen to impress, he just has to be Tony Allen, and let the chips fall.
Go Grizz!

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