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Apr 26, 2012

Grizzlies vs Clippers Preview: Center

I'm going to keep this entertaining for anyone actually reading this so I am skipping ahead to the Center position. We know this is our baby as we have a complete dilettante on one end, and a first time All-star, (perhaps the greatest active center in the game right now with D12 convalescing????) on the other end.

Marc Gasol

Power: Make sure you watch this video to see whose team he shreds on the final clip!

DeAndre Jordan

Power: No son, you can't play basketball. What were the Warriors thinking? Why did LAC match??? Obviously I'm a bit biased seeing as Gasol is the centerpiece to our team down low. Also DeAndre Jordan came from Texas A&M. Yikes. Enough said.
Looking at Gasol's numbers, they pretty much take Jordan to town in every category. Everyone regards Jordan as a great up-and-coming shotblocker; yes he's 4th in the league, but these aren't really remarkable numbers compared to past legends. Gasol is right behind him in 7th place in NBA for blocks.

Jordan will be a key figure in this series, don't get me wrong. If he can hold his own down low and frustrate Ga-ZBO, it could be a long series! The Grizzlies should expose this mismatch wherever possible though, such as feeding Gasol in the 4-10 foot range from the basket, and sending Rudy Gay right into his grill for foul trouble. When and if DeAndre Jordan ever does get the ball, it's hack-a-Jordan time and theft time. Those meat hooks of his may be better suited for pushing an ox cart or lifting weights I guess, not basketball.

Go Grizz!

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