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Apr 11, 2012

Grizzlies Chasing Playoffs Again!

This time we mean business. This time we are no longer waiting to spring from the shadows. Teams will be waiting for us. Everyone - Miami, Dallas, OKC, Chicago, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, San Antonio, Denver - they all know we can beat them. We no longer have the jump on them But can they stop us?

This is Grizz Country!

If the playoffs started today:

Some big games this week against Phoenix tonight, San Antonio tomorrow, and Utah Saturday. After that we may hit cruise control and just ride the momentum for the final 7 games against some sub .500 teams. Then it's business time.

The Grizzlies are really riding high now with a great starting lineup and a very dangerous bench that has just been burying the opposition recently. The addition of Gilbert Arenas has really tipped the scales along with the rest of the guys just clicking and coming into their own. With a healthy ZBO this bear squad is just too hot to handle.

"Look even more cohesive than when they upset Spurs in first round last season. Return of Zach Randolph huge." Foxsports

"These guys traded Pau Gasol four years ago and here they are. Rebuilding works." CBS Sports

"Only one team in the entire NBA knows how it feels to win road games in both OKC and Miami … and both breakthroughs happened last week. You have to figure Z-Bo will be starting by the time the playoffs start, but that Grizz bench suddenly has a lot of firepower on it if Arenas keeps throwing in badly needed 3s." ESPN

"The Memphis Grizzlies continued their tear through the cream of the NBA crop, grinding down the visiting Los Angeles Clippers en route to a 94-85 win. The Grizzlies have won eight of their past 10, including victories over the Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Mavericks and now the Clippers, a possible first-round playoff matchup. " By Beckley Mason

These are the things people are saying about Grizzlies. Amazing what winning does! I couldn't believe all the people booing the Clippers at the Memphis game Monday night. The booed Blake Griffin on a breakaway dunk. I swear a week ago they would have been cheering emphatically for that kind of play. Goodbye to the casual fans! HELLO GRIZZ FANATICS!!!

Found this vid by @kateeforbis

Go Grizz!

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