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Apr 29, 2012


  • GRIND FORTH – a must watch for any Grizzlies fan. amusing clip
    Go Grizz!
  • Grizzlies vs Clippers Preview: SG

    Two very different players lineup against each other at the shooting guard position. Tony Allen is mister tenacity on both ends of the floor. Randy Foye is more of a scorer, and has been on a huge tear from downtown in the recent weeks. He's played well enough to keep Mo Williams in a 6th man role (when healthy) and to make the loss of Chauncey Billups a little more tolerable. Although if they had Chauncey all season you might see them playing the Mavericks with the number 2 seed instead of the number 5 against Memphis right now. (Big shoes to fill to Mister Bigshot).

    Tony Allen

    Hustle: Play of the Day (02/18/2012): Tony Allen's Great Game-Winner Putback Shot vs. Warriors

    Randy Foye

    Flow: The term volume shooter comes to mind. Quality volume shooting:

    Tony Allen almost single-handedly changed the culture of the Grizzlies (although we believe Coach Hollins has something to do with that). He's the number one cheerleader on the bench, able to provide a spark to the team even when he's playing limited minutes to allow O.J. Mayo to get his burn. In order to wrangle in the theatrics of Chris Paul the pressure will come from Tony Allen throughout this series. Plus as a NBA Champion with the Celtics, he brings a combined five years of post-season experience to the table. On the other hand Randy Foye has never been on a team that sniffed the playoffs. Foye is a deadly deep threat but when the teams last met their long-range gunners were shooting blanks. (Paul and Foye combined 2-6 from downtown which is a pedestrian 33%). But in March when the Clippers clownstomped us, Foye connected 4 whoppers from downtown out of 8 attempts, a very respectful 50% from downtown and a game-changer performance! Foye's first playoff games will be his chance to prove his lottery draft status and prove he's a legit starter on a legit playoff team, which would be a career boost for him indeed. For Tony Allen to impress, he just has to be Tony Allen, and let the chips fall.
    Go Grizz!

    Apr 27, 2012

    Grizzlies vs Clippers Preview: SF

    The next matchup shall be Caron Butler and Rudy Gay. Butler went from being a mountain dew junkie to an NBA Champion with Dallas last season. Rudy Gay went down last February with a season ending shoulder injury that required surgery. Now they're screaming, "Rudy's BACK!" However, Sunday's match at home against LAC will be his first playoff game ever. Expect big things from Flight22.

    Rudy Gay

    Clutch: These end-of-game-heroics never get old, neither does the commentary. In 2011-12, in the regular season, in the 4th quarter or overtime, 2:00 or less left in quarter, scoring margin between -5 and 5 points: Gay has shot 19/34 FG = .559%

    Caron Butler

    Clutch: In 2011-12, in the regular season, in the 4th quarter or overtime, 2:00 or less left in quarter, scoring margin between -5 and 5 points: Butler has shot 4/21 FG = .190% That is some vintage 2009 video of Caron Butler but Rudy's was from 2010 so no big deal. They both can light it up when called upon. At this point though Caron Butler is more of a vet, whereas Rudy Gay is the leading scorer of the Grizzlies and ranks 17th in the NBA regular season of 2011-2012 with exactly 19.0 PPG. Butler is actually the 4th scorer on his team, counting Chauncy Billups and Mo Williams as 1 scorer.

    The UCONN connection gets exposed here. Rudy is a bit longer and aerial compared to Butler, and grabs a lot more rebounds, thefts, and blocks. Butler shoots a bit better from long-range though. It'll be up to our other wings to control all that long-ball assault coming from the Clippers, and that's what we got Tony Allen and company for. Rudy is going to log crazy minutes and do some serious damage in this series or we're in big trouble. Butler hopefully is just a lesser known character. We should see him struggle in the Grindhouse.
    Go Grizz!

    Apr 26, 2012

    Grizzlies vs Clippers Preview: Center

    I'm going to keep this entertaining for anyone actually reading this so I am skipping ahead to the Center position. We know this is our baby as we have a complete dilettante on one end, and a first time All-star, (perhaps the greatest active center in the game right now with D12 convalescing????) on the other end.

    Marc Gasol

    Power: Make sure you watch this video to see whose team he shreds on the final clip!

    DeAndre Jordan

    Power: No son, you can't play basketball. What were the Warriors thinking? Why did LAC match??? Obviously I'm a bit biased seeing as Gasol is the centerpiece to our team down low. Also DeAndre Jordan came from Texas A&M. Yikes. Enough said.
    Looking at Gasol's numbers, they pretty much take Jordan to town in every category. Everyone regards Jordan as a great up-and-coming shotblocker; yes he's 4th in the league, but these aren't really remarkable numbers compared to past legends. Gasol is right behind him in 7th place in NBA for blocks.

    Jordan will be a key figure in this series, don't get me wrong. If he can hold his own down low and frustrate Ga-ZBO, it could be a long series! The Grizzlies should expose this mismatch wherever possible though, such as feeding Gasol in the 4-10 foot range from the basket, and sending Rudy Gay right into his grill for foul trouble. When and if DeAndre Jordan ever does get the ball, it's hack-a-Jordan time and theft time. Those meat hooks of his may be better suited for pushing an ox cart or lifting weights I guess, not basketball.

    Go Grizz!

    Grizzlies vs Clippers Preview: PG

    Now the matchup is set. Tonight is the final night of regular season for the NBA. Grizzlies are playing a shutdown Orlando Magic team at home for a chance to take home-court advantage. I always thought the 3 playoff seasons we had the 8th seed going in because we boasted the notorious record of 0-12 in the playoffs up until the 7 wins from 2010-2011 post-season. We actually had the 6th seed in 2004 and the 8th in 2005. Unbelievable to my short memory, the Grizzlies had the 5th seed going into the 2006 playoffs only to be swept by Dallas after losing 2 quick ones on the road and then 2 crushing heartbreakers at home by the hands of Dirk Nowitzki. After that flameout the Grizzlies spent the next 4 years rebuilding into the product you see now!
    With that introduction, I jump into a series of player matchup comparisons starting with the point guard position. You will see right away how vital home-court will be just looking at the Clippers vaunted starters.

    Mike Conley

    Skills: The famous "Keep the Ball on a String" video.

    Chris Paul

    Skills: Looks somewhat rusty but still got it. Both basically run their team. The Grizzlies have 4 other very strong leaders in Gay, Randolph, Gasol, and Mayo. Conley is ultimately the guy that operates the offense, and executes the coaches' will out there on the floor. Chris Paul is more of a lone wolf out there running the offense, calling the shots, and making the plays. In crunch time it's CP3 time and the other guys are supporting characters.
    When it comes down to it Conley's numbers don't compare with Chris Paul very well, but hopefully that's because the Grizzlies have so many more scoring options than the Clippers do. As the game grinds down the Grizz advantage will have to come from somewhere other than the point guard position. I will point out though, according to that chart above, Conley has 10lbs on Paul. Conley can be physical and if the Heliflopter takes flight, just get out the way and let him make himself look foolish! Set em up,
    and Knock em down!
    Go Grizz!

    Apr 19, 2012

    Goin' Grizz


    Memphis 37-25 2nd Southwest/5th Western

    These Grizzlies will be playing in May. They might even play again on my birthday. Last year they gave me a win over Oklahoma City on May 1, 2011 as a gift for my 30th birthday. This year I travel to Memphis to watch them play 2 of their last regular season games against Portland and Cleveland. I can't wait. Who knows, if they go far, I might be able to swing a trip to a Finals game??? If they were to play the Celtics I don't even have to travel. Wow. Such possibilities to dream about, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Let's see what these Grizzlies do. I think this team is stacked and they have the chemistry, the dogma, the 'spirit' to elevate their game. They remind me of the Boston Bruins - another Bear - which won the NHL last year. Marc Gasol is this year's Tim Thomas. Belive it.

  • Rudy speaks out on the playoffs – 6 years in the NBA and now his first taste of the post-season on its way.

    Go Grizz!
  • Apr 11, 2012

    Grizzlies Chasing Playoffs Again!

    This time we mean business. This time we are no longer waiting to spring from the shadows. Teams will be waiting for us. Everyone - Miami, Dallas, OKC, Chicago, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, San Antonio, Denver - they all know we can beat them. We no longer have the jump on them But can they stop us?

    This is Grizz Country!

    If the playoffs started today:

    Some big games this week against Phoenix tonight, San Antonio tomorrow, and Utah Saturday. After that we may hit cruise control and just ride the momentum for the final 7 games against some sub .500 teams. Then it's business time.

    The Grizzlies are really riding high now with a great starting lineup and a very dangerous bench that has just been burying the opposition recently. The addition of Gilbert Arenas has really tipped the scales along with the rest of the guys just clicking and coming into their own. With a healthy ZBO this bear squad is just too hot to handle.

    "Look even more cohesive than when they upset Spurs in first round last season. Return of Zach Randolph huge." Foxsports

    "These guys traded Pau Gasol four years ago and here they are. Rebuilding works." CBS Sports

    "Only one team in the entire NBA knows how it feels to win road games in both OKC and Miami … and both breakthroughs happened last week. You have to figure Z-Bo will be starting by the time the playoffs start, but that Grizz bench suddenly has a lot of firepower on it if Arenas keeps throwing in badly needed 3s." ESPN

    "The Memphis Grizzlies continued their tear through the cream of the NBA crop, grinding down the visiting Los Angeles Clippers en route to a 94-85 win. The Grizzlies have won eight of their past 10, including victories over the Lakers, Thunder, Heat, Mavericks and now the Clippers, a possible first-round playoff matchup. " By Beckley Mason

    These are the things people are saying about Grizzlies. Amazing what winning does! I couldn't believe all the people booing the Clippers at the Memphis game Monday night. The booed Blake Griffin on a breakaway dunk. I swear a week ago they would have been cheering emphatically for that kind of play. Goodbye to the casual fans! HELLO GRIZZ FANATICS!!!

    Found this vid by @kateeforbis

    Go Grizz!