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Mar 20, 2012

Welcome Mister Arenas, Hibachi!



    1. From the standpoint of a business move this is obviously a low-risk, high-reward situation where possibly your worst outcome is you lose some team chemistry and lower your team performance a bit, but financially nothing is risked. The potential rewards are huge as it provides the franchise with a huge brand name (similar to the Allen Iverson acquisition) that could pay off tremendously if it succeeds.
    2. From the basketball operations perspective you have both a guy whose assist and point-guard ability are well-known, plus a guy who at his best could be everything O.J. Mayo has demonstrated but without the "franchise leader" expectations that O.J. Mayo has failed to reach. If O.J. gets signed away next season (which is more than likely) perhaps Arenas sticks around under the $5M/year salary to fill his shoes as the traditional 6th man scoring punch off the bench that we have lacked since our 2005 6th Man of the Year, Mike Miller was traded for Mayo in 2008.
    3. Don't forget that Arenas has been passed over before. He was a late draft pick. He eventually won the NBA's Most Improved Award in 2003. Another guy on our team won the same award the following season, Zach Randolph in 2004! I was born 7 months ahead of Arenas, so to hear people say he's too old and a has-been is quite scary to me, especially since I'm recovering from a major injury I had snowboarding a month ago! Hey come on, 30 years old! We have at least another 5 years left to run with the big boys now don't we!
    4. Trust the Grizzlies and the coaching staff especially. Mo Speights was a lazy guy, trigger happy, no defense, poor work ethic. Seems like a different beast in Memphis. Same was said of ZBO before he suited up in Beale Street Blue. Tony Allen transformed to a guy no one really wanted (for a measly $10M/3year contract), to the smart pick for anyone's NBA All-Defense Team. (unfortunately was a popularity contest more so last season). I trust the Grizz coaching staff and the "Grit Grind" team will transform Arenas into the best Gilbert Arenas of 2012 that he can be. And I am sure that will be good enough for him to accomplish what he wanted to do in Memphis and in the post-season this year.
    Go Grizz!
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