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Jan 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

I was out of town for most of the weekend. I did manage to watch the Utah game Friday, although it was not a great game. I completely missed the Lakers game Sunday night. Honestly I didn't have any sports left in me after that Denver Broncos overtime victory.
  • Shout out to Bebe Thomas! GT alums Calivn Johnson and Thomas combined for over 400 yards receiving this weekend!

    I believe the Grizzlies experiencing growth pains with so many new players as well as introducing Rudy Gay as the focal point of the offense. Marc has been struggling a bit. OJ hasn't been playing the stellar sixth man role we need from him quite yet, though we know he is capable of it. Either Sam Young or OJ has to have a spark off the bench each game we play. The Utah game should have been a win and from what I gather the Lakers should have been beatable too. They are old and banged up. During the winning games Tony Allen was playing extremely well along with Sam Young. Hopefully they all bounce back after this road trip.

    Grzzlies 85 at Utah 94

    Through 44 games on Friday night small forward is back on top again. The interesting thing so far is that 6th man role continues to be a factor and the guards a relative non-factor. My gut feeling with the shortened season is that depth and youth are going to rule the standings come this spring.

    Grizzlies in Game 7:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Mike Conley +0 u = +0.250
    Tony Allen +18 u = +16.750
    Rudy Gay +12 u = +8.023
    Dante Cunningham -10 u = -12.660
    Marc Gasol +1 u = +0.971
    6th (OJ Mayo*) -6 u = -7.165
    *3rd 6th Man

    Observe from the above table that OJ Mayo had a really pathetic 6th man contribution. I'm really counting on Speights replacing Cunningham in this lineup. I'm also really counting on our bench getting bolstered by Hamed Haddadi. His value to the team and his ability in general is severely underrated.

    Grzzlies 82 at Lakers 90

    Here are the final stats for Week2:

    The Grizz struggled and Dante Cunningham especially turned out another goose egg against a worn down Pau Gasol. Speights took one shot less than Rudy Gay off the bench. That's a lot of shots for him to take and he was below 50%. That's not Grizz ball. Obviously Kobe had his way and we were embarrassed by Matt Barnes. A real team wouldn't allow him to score in double figures on any night.

    Grizzlies in Game 8:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Mike Conley +11 u = +11.967
    Tony Allen -22 u = -24.567
    Rudy Gay +4 u = -0.533
    Dante Cunningham -13 u = -16.067
    Marc Gasol -13 u = -13.300
    6th (Marreese Speights) +4 u = +1.883

    Go Grizz!
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