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Jan 4, 2012


Looks like the Grizz may have gotten that last piece to put them over the top! Stay tuned. He looks like he belongs in the Grindhouse.

  • ESPN drops the trade rumor - Hope this goes down. It's been funny that Speights has yet to play for Philly this season. These talks must have been going on. I hope he just hasn't been the odd man out there. Hoping they left him out cuz they knew he'd be moved. Ditto for Xavier Henry. Hope he can jump right into the Hornets lineup with General Greivis and Jack. Guess they wanted insurance on Gordon.

  • Rocking the lockout league
    Go Grizz!

    UPDATE: Introducing your new starting power-forward???? Marreese Speights???? ZBO OUT UP TO 8 WEEKS! There would be 30 games remaining in the season if he is out all 8 weeks. They play 30 games in March in April! WOW!
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