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Jan 16, 2012


This video is still sick:

"This is how they do it, red, white, and blue style". Rose to Gay:

Discuss the game live with other sports nuts:

Now I present my accumulated stats through the first 174 games of the season from December 25 until January 15.
Here is a graphic of these results showing the average numbers for each position:
As you can see, the Small Forward position is the most significant contributor to the winning margin of NBA teams this season. Surprisingly the Power Forward and Center have remained below the margin of the Guard positions. For each game I have totaled the difference between the starters' scoring numbers to obtain a number either positive or negative depending on who won the game. If Lebron James outscores his counterpart by 20 points in a winning effort +20 gets added to the total. Conversely, if Rudy Gay outscores his counterpart by 10 points and the Grizzlies lose, -10 points are added to the totals seen here. For each game I run the total and the average gets computed by the number of games played. You can see here that 6th man is a weak factor. During weeks 1 and 3 this factor was negative but in week 2 6th man was actually a positive contributor. I believe this was due to a "hang-over" effect from the initial shock to the starters and where teams had to rely more on their bench for wins.

What does this tell us today against the Bulls? Rudy Gay has to have a monster game but also we can't get punked by the Derrick Rose show! Both guards and bench (O.J. MAYO) need to rock it today. Tony Allen needs to keep up the great play he has had recently. Those are the edge factors we need to seal a win. The fundamental component is up to the entire team, which is to play at the highest level possible they can just to maintain the elite game of the Chicago Bulls. As long as that occurs then we get a chance for nosing out a victory!
Go Grizz!

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