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Jan 21, 2012

Grizzlies 98 @ Detroit 81

Brandon Knight has the keys but there's no gas in the car. Grizzlies blew this game up with physical and determined play throughout. They let up a little in the 3rd but the pesky defense locked down again and the lead climbed back up again. The first unit was like watching Globetrotters vs Wash Generals. What really impressed me was the poise of the Grizzlies' second unit. Not only are they playing tough road and home, the Grizzlies look solid enough for a post-season run again. They are playing through adversity right now and shining!

Grizzlies in Game 14:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley -8 μ = -9.209
Tony Allen +3 μ = +2.535
Rudy Gay +10μ = +9.698
Marreese Speights +6 μ = +1.698
Marc Gasol +7 μ = +4.651
6th (OJ Mayo) +1 μ = +0.488
*8st 6th Man

That's how the Grizzlies fared in game 14, relative to the stats of the other 43 games in the NBA up to this point this week. As you can see the Grizzlies starters all outperformed strongly except Conley because Knight was the primary offense for Detroit and Conley was just one piece of the puzzle for us. Rudy Gay and Gasol totally outclassed their opponent. Tonight at home the Grizz must play as a solid unit to overcome the Kings. I think they can especially attack with Rudy Gay and company inside quicker than John Salmons, Demerkus Cousins, Jason Thompson, and JJ Hickson. Here are the stats for the week so far:

The DEFENSE too much!
Go Grizz!

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