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Jan 20, 2012

Grizzlies 93 @ New Orleans 87

A day late on this one. Marc Gasol should be an All-Star this year. O.J. Mayo proved very valuable in this match. I think he will get more minutes as the season progresses and start some games as people get sore and nagging injuries pile up. I really like the Juice Man this year. You need one Allstar to really splash in the playoffs and with Zach Randolph out this year it is Marc Gasol!

For some strange reason Power Forward is killing it this week in the NBA after 29 games played. The Small Forward has dominated every other week but this one. Chris Bosh, Ryan Anderson, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Carlos Boozer, and Paul Millsap are going nuts. Even David Lee had a hell of a game on Tuesday in Cleveland. Pau Gasol went for 26 last night. Look for Marreese Speights to bring it in Detroit tonight!!!

Grizzlies in Game 13:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley -9 μ = -9.996
Tony Allen +2 μ = +0.621
Rudy Gay -6μ = -7.345
Marreese Speights -10 μ = -16.034
Marc Gasol +18 μ = +16.379
6th (OJ Mayo) +12 μ = +12.069
*7st 6th Man

Pau on Marc:

Go Grizz!

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