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Jan 24, 2012

Grizzlies 91 @ Golden State 90

I only saw the highlights of this game cuz I don't have cable/NBATV and this game started 30 minutes after my bedtime on Monday night! I likely won't see any games this week because of the late night games. Tonight they face Portland who also is 2nd game on back-to-back so chances are good to extend the win streak tying the franchise record if they win. Can you believe the Grizzlies scored 39 points in the final quarter to win by 1???

After the first night's 10 games we see the 2,3,and 4 dominating. Center has reversed from last week and 6th man is a strong contributor so far! Rudy Gay certainly helped the SF cause and Marc Gasol reduced 1/3rd of the center deficit with his +15 over Biedrins! Where was the rest of our bench though? I'm glad to see Haddadi got some stats at least. Portland will be tough with Gerald Wallace back in the lineup.

Grizzlies in Game 16:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley +0 μ = -1.70
Tony Allen -6 μ = -9.50
Rudy Gay +10μ = +5.10
Marreese Speights -5 μ = -9.50
Marc Gasol +15 μ = +18.40
6th (O.J. Mayo*) +1 μ = -0.60
*10st 6th Man

Rudy with the "Dirk-esque" game winner

Go Grizz!

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