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Jan 27, 2012

Grizzlies 91 @ Clippers 98

What a hideous game - with hideous jerseys. They might work with the correct socks but with these NBA players they look ridiculous. The big men especially. The guards looked ok in them but the big, oh no. I failed to watch this match again as I failed to stay up even for the amazing comeback of the Celtics in the early game against the Magic. How do you give up 21 point halftime lead and only manage to score 25 the rest of the way? Eight points in the 4th by the Magic. Epic fail.

The Grizzlies appeared to have lost their shooting touch in this one by the look of the box score.
"None of it was their defense," Rudy Gay said. "It was us. I mean, they do have some long athletic big men that alter a couple of shots. But for the most part, we were getting good shots and just weren't knocking them down."
It's no time for freaking out over this loss as the Clippers needed one at home after losing the night before. They absolutely have to take care of business in Phoenix Saturday night now though.

This is funny:

Concerning the stats after 30 games this week, the Grizzlies have to get better production from the power forward position. If not they have to dominate with their guards, which, because of Mike Conley's allstar level play over the win streak, they could rely on. When Mike and Tony are going against Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, and Mo Williams – game over man. Either they have to build inside with more bodies or knock down the outside shots. What is their character going to be?

Grizzlies in Game 18:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley -4 μ = -3.933
Tony Allen -5 μ = -6.567
Rudy Gay +4μ = +0.967
Marreese Speights -18 μ = -24.833
Marc Gasol +9 μ = +11.633
6th (O.J. Mayo*) -4 μ = -5.30
*12st 6th Man

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    This season is too short for 3 game losing streaks on the road. Handle those Suns! It might be time to consider starting Cunningham or Pondexter over Speights. Speights is playing less than 10 minutes a game, then why start him?
    Go Grizz!
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