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Jan 5, 2012

Grizzlies 90 at Minnesota 86

The Grizzlies returned to a .500 record along with the Cavs, Jazz, and Raptors last night. Mike Conley truly makes a difference out there in the past 2 games back from injury. Now the Grizzlies' mettle will be tested with ZBO out for possibly 8 weeks. I believe they have all the weapons needed to stay afloat long enough for the Big Dog to heal and get back into playoff action. Easier said than done though!

Game against Minnesota was terrific. The Timberwolves are still a few cards short of a deck, but they have their King and Queen (or Ace, I admit) in Love and Rubio. They really have 2 of the best young players in the league now and will be a playoff team in the future as long as they surround them with capable players (not Wesley Johnson, Darko, Beasly, Tolliver, Ridnour, etc). I like some of those players but only as "scrub love".

Here are the stats updated through 28 games this week 2:

Tony Allen stepped up and had a monster game. Mayo and Sam Young looked sharp as well. I expect a rough time for the guys like Cunningham, Pondexter, Speights, and Josh Davis to get used to this team. Josh Davis actually did not look like a complete boner out there when he played in Minnesota though. Cunningham has to improve if he wants to stay on the starting lineup. I think sometimes Coach Hollins starts guys more to challenge the bench than to reward the starter sometimes. I'm thinking he likes Cunningham but as we saw with Sam Young, pulling a guy out has the reverse effect to motivate him rather than soften his skills. Don't expect Speights to come in and start for the Grizz any time soon. But hopefully they all battle, the top dog comes out with the lead role with ZBO out, and the team is better for it.

Grizzlies in Game 6:
PlayereStatu = mean difference
Mike Conley -1 u = +0.643
Tony Allen +20 u = +18
Rudy Gay +8 u = +6.322
Dante Cunningham -25 u = -28.07
Marc Gasol +2 u = -0.429
6th (OJ Mayo*) +2 u = +0.286
*2nd 6th Man

Go Grizz!

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