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Jan 3, 2012

Grizzlies 64 at Bulls 104

WEEK ONE is DONE. The Grizz are in the last place of the conference unfortunately. Nowhere to go now but up! Right now I'd say our main deficiency is the 2 and the 3. Rudy Gay and Tony Allen / OJ Mayo / the rest of the bench need to improve for the Grizzlies to stay competitive this season.

Updated Stats through week 1 = 56 games played:

The contest against the Bulls was a sad one. It looked initially like our boys were ready to take on the champs (after a glitzy home opening ceremony to start the festivities). However, the Bulls took charge and never looked back. It was a Rose and Boozer show. Without Mike Conley and Zach Randolph on the court our team stood zero chance. Pargo was just humiliated. Rudy Gay and company also looked particularly substandard.

Grizzlies in Game 4:
PlayereStatu = mean difference
Jeremy Pargo -12 u = -13.911
Tony Allen -15 u = -19.607
Rudy Gay -6 u = -7.633
Zach Randolph -15 u = -16.089
Marc Gasol +0 u = -0.321
6th (Josh Davis) +2 u = +3.875

We are S.O.L. without Zach Randolph. The team has no backup power forward and no backup center until Hamed Haddadi gets on the court. It's very disappointing after the gradual improvement of the past 2 seasons to see the team mismanaged this way. Yes, they got core locked in for the future but we entered the short season here without a complete team. That weakness has been exposed each time Josh Davis has taken the court, and the times Rudy Gay has been forced to play the 4 position.

Go Grizz!

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