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Jan 4, 2012

Grizzlies 113 vs Kings 96

Call back the hounds! This team can dish out its own blowout victory without ZBO and with Dante Cunningham starting at PF and without Haddadi. What a difference a home game makes. What a difference Mike Conley, Jr. makes. Having Tony Allen, Sam Young, Rudy, and OJ all playing focused team ball is something special as well. My hat goes off to those fellas. Grizzlies also played an inspired game for the late Gene Bartow, what a fantastic tribute!

  • Grizzlies win over Sacramento - coverage with post-game quotes, etc.

    This is what we want to see - a smiling Grizzlies Rudy Gay!

    The stats I am computing are more descriptive than normative. They just reflect what happened on average throughout the games being played. Week2 has 16 games completed with 2 notable reversals from week 1. The Knicks and Heat both lost their games and Kobe switched to SG from SF in the starting lineup. Therefore the domination of the small forward is gone in week2. Instead we see the Shooting Guard dominating by a significant margin. Trailing behind it are the Power-forward position, with Center and 6th man following.

    What does this mean for our Grizzlies? Well, teams are playing better offense and shooting higher percentage than last week. .549 and .562 in 2 wins for Grizz. .310, .391, and .466 in 3 losses. That's to be expected (you shoot better, you win) but it's the differential shoot % that tells the story for the Grizz to contend. I believe that at least so far. How do they get that? Points in the paint. That's why I freaked out when Zach Randolph fell out of the Bulls game the other day and we lost by 40 points… Still we are going to really struggle with Dante Cunningham as the starter rather than Darrell Arthur.

    Own the Paint!

    Grizzlies in Game 5:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Jeremy Pargo -4 u = - 0.750
    Tony Allen +5 u = -0.188
    Rudy Gay +21 u = +22.0
    Dante Cunningham -5 u = -8.5
    Marc Gasol +6 u = +4.188
    6th (Sam Young) +3 u = +1.375

    Go Grizz!
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