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Jan 23, 2012

4 Weeks of NBA: 232 games

Your 4 weeks of NBA Grizzlies:

  1. Grizz at top of SW division
  2. Gasol, OJ, Rudy, and Conley playing extremely well for their fourth year together.
  3. Marc Gasol having Allstar season
  4. Defeated the #1 team at the time, Chicago Bulls. Lost to the #1 team in the West, OKC Thunder by point margins of 3 and 5.
  5. Haddadi is back. The rest of the newcomers are getting it.
  6. The defense is winning!

I am collecting numbers from every single NBA game played this season. It's not a sophisticated model at all, but I have fun comparing the Grizzlies starters and best 6th man to get a view of how they are shaping up to the rest of the league each night. Stats chart of each position's contributing factor to their team's final score:
Average stats after 232 games

Power-forward remains a vital figure along with center. Luckily the Marreese Speights is fitting in nicely. Small-forward is most vital position by these metrics. Now that makes me feel comfortable Rudy Gay is maxed. Just behind PF is the Shooting Guard position. Not surprisingly the 2 and 3 positions take the majority of shots so they will score more. However, this shows their contribution to not just scoring, but winning.

  • Jan. 16 vs. Chicago: Posted 19 points, 10 rebounds, three assists and two blocks in a 102-86 win over the Bulls.

  • Jan. 18 @ New Orleans: Tallied 22 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists in a 93-87 victory over the Hornets.

  • Jan. 21 vs. Sacramento: Scored 20 points and added 11 rebounds, six blocks and five assists as the Grizzlies upended the Kings 128-95.

Congrats to Gasol! ZBO had many of these last season. He's filling those shoes!
Go Grizz!

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