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Jan 31, 2012

Grizzlies 73 vs Spurs 83

The score might as well have been 103 to 73. The Spurs totally walked all over the Grizzlies in their most disappointing home loss this season. Especially given that the Spurs had played a grueling match in Dallas the previous night while the Grizz had a day off, this stinker came at a very inopportune time. Now tonight the Grizzlies face a far greater opponent that will punish them mercilessly if they don't right the ship immediately. It's a down time right now since the leader, Rudy Gay, has put such a bad number on the board. They simply have to perform as a unit again.

Mentally and emotionally you can see there is a gap with this team right now and they have to get across it. In the first 9 games this week, my "eStats" show the 4 position off to the races again with the 3 right behind. This exposes how terrible Rudy Gay played against a much more inferior opponent (Richard Jefferson) on Monday night. Meanwhile O.J. Mayo needs more burn and the bench itself has fallen out of step with the flow of the team.

I believe our offense and team is too chaotic. One night Pondexter/Young/Pargo/Selby/Haddadi don't play and the next they get 15 minutes. Weird if you ask me. Where was Dante Cunningham last night by the way?


  1. Play OJ + Haddadi more . The Darko/Gasol twin towers worked occasionally, bring it back.
  2. If you start Speights don't play him for 8 minutes and then bench him the rest of the way.
  3. Don't play Pargo or Sam Young for now. They don't look like they belong. I love Sam Young and he can contribute but not on this team right now.
  4. I think Tony Allen should sub in for Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo.

Grizzlies in Game 20:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley +10 μ = +7.778
Tony Allen -3 μ = -1.556
Rudy Gay -12μ = -15.889
Marreese Speights -4 μ = -10.778
Marc Gasol -2 μ = -3.778
6th (O.J. Mayo*) +2 μ = -2.0
*13st 6th Man

Rudy played another terrible game like this against Oklahoma City when they lost and then we went on to a 7 game winning streak. He's the furthest off the mean we've ever seen him. Let's see that MVP play again Rudy! "Make your own luck", brother!

Go Grizz!

Jan 30, 2012

Grizzlies 84 @ Phoenix 86

Not only did Jared Dudley kill the Grizzlies with free throws in the final minute of the game, he dominated Tony Allen in points. The Suns guards won the battle off of hustle and terrible shooting by the Grizzlies.

They have to bounce back at home and return to winning ways to be a factor in the West going forward.

Grizzlies in Game 19:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley -6 μ = -4.649
Tony Allen -10 μ = -13.404
Rudy Gay +9μ = +5.211
Marreese Speights +6 μ = +0.912
Marc Gasol +5 μ = +7.386
6th (O.J. Mayo/Dante Cunningham) -4 μ = -5.842

Graphical chart of the above Average Differences:

The 5 weeks of NBA and 289 games have been played. Small-forward holds an edge over the power-forward. Shooting guard is a bit further behind after a terrific week5. Also in week 5 the center and point guard fell off the map and overall their contribution is low. The margin of victory by average has been going down each week.

Go Grizz!

Jan 27, 2012

Grizzlies 91 @ Clippers 98

What a hideous game - with hideous jerseys. They might work with the correct socks but with these NBA players they look ridiculous. The big men especially. The guards looked ok in them but the big, oh no. I failed to watch this match again as I failed to stay up even for the amazing comeback of the Celtics in the early game against the Magic. How do you give up 21 point halftime lead and only manage to score 25 the rest of the way? Eight points in the 4th by the Magic. Epic fail.

The Grizzlies appeared to have lost their shooting touch in this one by the look of the box score.
"None of it was their defense," Rudy Gay said. "It was us. I mean, they do have some long athletic big men that alter a couple of shots. But for the most part, we were getting good shots and just weren't knocking them down."
It's no time for freaking out over this loss as the Clippers needed one at home after losing the night before. They absolutely have to take care of business in Phoenix Saturday night now though.

This is funny:

Concerning the stats after 30 games this week, the Grizzlies have to get better production from the power forward position. If not they have to dominate with their guards, which, because of Mike Conley's allstar level play over the win streak, they could rely on. When Mike and Tony are going against Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, and Mo Williams – game over man. Either they have to build inside with more bodies or knock down the outside shots. What is their character going to be?

Grizzlies in Game 18:
PlayereStatμ = mean difference
Mike Conley -4 μ = -3.933
Tony Allen -5 μ = -6.567
Rudy Gay +4μ = +0.967
Marreese Speights -18 μ = -24.833
Marc Gasol +9 μ = +11.633
6th (O.J. Mayo*) -4 μ = -5.30
*12st 6th Man

  • Game Recap Link

    This season is too short for 3 game losing streaks on the road. Handle those Suns! It might be time to consider starting Cunningham or Pondexter over Speights. Speights is playing less than 10 minutes a game, then why start him?
    Go Grizz!
  • Jan 25, 2012

    Grizzlies 84 @ Portland 97

    The 7 game winstreak of 2 weeks comes to a close on this deadly road trip. Let's hope they give the Clippers hell Thursday night on TNT! Lordy, we missed ZBO in this one. Aldridge and Camby went batshit on the boards!

    This week we have had 15 games in 2 days. The Grizzlies played 2 of those. The Power Forward is going insane so far. It went against us in this one for 19 points. Luckily Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo are hanging tough for the Grizzlies. Centers are not faring well. Let's hope that trend reverses the rest of the week with a win Thursday and a mighty shutdown of DeAndre Jordan.

    Grizzlies in Game 17:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley -4 μ = -2.277
    Tony Allen -5 μ = -7.533
    Rudy Gay +4μ = +0.277
    Marreese Speights -19 μ = -28.80
    Marc Gasol +4 μ = +7.600
    6th (O.J. Mayo*) +5 μ = +3.666
    *11st 6th Man

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 24, 2012

    Grizzlies 91 @ Golden State 90

    I only saw the highlights of this game cuz I don't have cable/NBATV and this game started 30 minutes after my bedtime on Monday night! I likely won't see any games this week because of the late night games. Tonight they face Portland who also is 2nd game on back-to-back so chances are good to extend the win streak tying the franchise record if they win. Can you believe the Grizzlies scored 39 points in the final quarter to win by 1???

    After the first night's 10 games we see the 2,3,and 4 dominating. Center has reversed from last week and 6th man is a strong contributor so far! Rudy Gay certainly helped the SF cause and Marc Gasol reduced 1/3rd of the center deficit with his +15 over Biedrins! Where was the rest of our bench though? I'm glad to see Haddadi got some stats at least. Portland will be tough with Gerald Wallace back in the lineup.

    Grizzlies in Game 16:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley +0 μ = -1.70
    Tony Allen -6 μ = -9.50
    Rudy Gay +10μ = +5.10
    Marreese Speights -5 μ = -9.50
    Marc Gasol +15 μ = +18.40
    6th (O.J. Mayo*) +1 μ = -0.60
    *10st 6th Man

    Rudy with the "Dirk-esque" game winner

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 23, 2012

    4 Weeks of NBA: 232 games

    Your 4 weeks of NBA Grizzlies:

    1. Grizz at top of SW division
    2. Gasol, OJ, Rudy, and Conley playing extremely well for their fourth year together.
    3. Marc Gasol having Allstar season
    4. Defeated the #1 team at the time, Chicago Bulls. Lost to the #1 team in the West, OKC Thunder by point margins of 3 and 5.
    5. Haddadi is back. The rest of the newcomers are getting it.
    6. The defense is winning!

    I am collecting numbers from every single NBA game played this season. It's not a sophisticated model at all, but I have fun comparing the Grizzlies starters and best 6th man to get a view of how they are shaping up to the rest of the league each night. Stats chart of each position's contributing factor to their team's final score:
    Average stats after 232 games

    Power-forward remains a vital figure along with center. Luckily the Marreese Speights is fitting in nicely. Small-forward is most vital position by these metrics. Now that makes me feel comfortable Rudy Gay is maxed. Just behind PF is the Shooting Guard position. Not surprisingly the 2 and 3 positions take the majority of shots so they will score more. However, this shows their contribution to not just scoring, but winning.

    • Jan. 16 vs. Chicago: Posted 19 points, 10 rebounds, three assists and two blocks in a 102-86 win over the Bulls.

    • Jan. 18 @ New Orleans: Tallied 22 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists in a 93-87 victory over the Hornets.

    • Jan. 21 vs. Sacramento: Scored 20 points and added 11 rebounds, six blocks and five assists as the Grizzlies upended the Kings 128-95.

    Congrats to Gasol! ZBO had many of these last season. He's filling those shoes!
    Go Grizz!

    Jan 22, 2012

    Grizzlies 128 vs Kings 95

  • Dante Block on Cousins



    Grizzlies in Game 15:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley +9 μ = +8.453
    Tony Allen +6 μ = +4.226
    Rudy Gay +20μ = +18.755
    Marreese Speights +5 μ = +0.981
    Marc Gasol +1 μ = -1.264
    6th (O.J. Mayo*) +2 μ = +1.906
    *9st 6th Man

    Go Grizz!
  • Jan 21, 2012

    Grizzlies 98 @ Detroit 81

    Brandon Knight has the keys but there's no gas in the car. Grizzlies blew this game up with physical and determined play throughout. They let up a little in the 3rd but the pesky defense locked down again and the lead climbed back up again. The first unit was like watching Globetrotters vs Wash Generals. What really impressed me was the poise of the Grizzlies' second unit. Not only are they playing tough road and home, the Grizzlies look solid enough for a post-season run again. They are playing through adversity right now and shining!

    Grizzlies in Game 14:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley -8 μ = -9.209
    Tony Allen +3 μ = +2.535
    Rudy Gay +10μ = +9.698
    Marreese Speights +6 μ = +1.698
    Marc Gasol +7 μ = +4.651
    6th (OJ Mayo) +1 μ = +0.488
    *8st 6th Man

    That's how the Grizzlies fared in game 14, relative to the stats of the other 43 games in the NBA up to this point this week. As you can see the Grizzlies starters all outperformed strongly except Conley because Knight was the primary offense for Detroit and Conley was just one piece of the puzzle for us. Rudy Gay and Gasol totally outclassed their opponent. Tonight at home the Grizz must play as a solid unit to overcome the Kings. I think they can especially attack with Rudy Gay and company inside quicker than John Salmons, Demerkus Cousins, Jason Thompson, and JJ Hickson. Here are the stats for the week so far:

    The DEFENSE too much!
    Go Grizz!

    Jan 20, 2012

    Grizzlies 93 @ New Orleans 87

    A day late on this one. Marc Gasol should be an All-Star this year. O.J. Mayo proved very valuable in this match. I think he will get more minutes as the season progresses and start some games as people get sore and nagging injuries pile up. I really like the Juice Man this year. You need one Allstar to really splash in the playoffs and with Zach Randolph out this year it is Marc Gasol!

    For some strange reason Power Forward is killing it this week in the NBA after 29 games played. The Small Forward has dominated every other week but this one. Chris Bosh, Ryan Anderson, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Carlos Boozer, and Paul Millsap are going nuts. Even David Lee had a hell of a game on Tuesday in Cleveland. Pau Gasol went for 26 last night. Look for Marreese Speights to bring it in Detroit tonight!!!

    Grizzlies in Game 13:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley -9 μ = -9.996
    Tony Allen +2 μ = +0.621
    Rudy Gay -6μ = -7.345
    Marreese Speights -10 μ = -16.034
    Marc Gasol +18 μ = +16.379
    6th (OJ Mayo) +12 μ = +12.069
    *7st 6th Man

    Pau on Marc:

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 17, 2012

    Grizzlies 102 vs Bulls 86

    Some clown in a bear costume

    Grizzlies looking silly good on ESPN yesterday. Chicago Bulls? Every dog has his day. Big day for this dog pound!

    And before the game, Mike Conley made sure of it: "I said, 'Let's not forget what happened. That was the last thing I said to them: 'That was an embarrassing loss. Let's go out there and just play hard and leave it all out there on the court.' I thought guys really took that to heart, especially in the first 6-7 minutes of the game."
    Worst of MLK Day - Basketbawful. "Grizzlies' Offensive Rebounding Rate was unbelievable 41.7." Wow.

    The numbers are as ugly as the bugs you find under a rock.

    Yeah, they really are. For some reason PF dominated Monday's wins. Ryan Anderson, Scola, Alridge, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, and Dirk did their thing. Unfortunate for the Celtics, Kevin Garnett did not do any serious damage against Ibaka. And Westbrook + Sefolosha destroyed Rondo and Ray Allen.

    Grizzlies in Game 12:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley +12 μ = +11.273
    Tony Allen +0 μ = -6.636
    Rudy Gay +4μ = +2.545
    Marreese Speights +3 μ = -6.727
    Marc Gasol +17 μ = +16.091
    6th (Josh Selby) -12 μ = -8.091
    *1st 6th Man

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 16, 2012


    This video is still sick:

    "This is how they do it, red, white, and blue style". Rose to Gay:

    Discuss the game live with other sports nuts:

    Now I present my accumulated stats through the first 174 games of the season from December 25 until January 15.
    Here is a graphic of these results showing the average numbers for each position:
    As you can see, the Small Forward position is the most significant contributor to the winning margin of NBA teams this season. Surprisingly the Power Forward and Center have remained below the margin of the Guard positions. For each game I have totaled the difference between the starters' scoring numbers to obtain a number either positive or negative depending on who won the game. If Lebron James outscores his counterpart by 20 points in a winning effort +20 gets added to the total. Conversely, if Rudy Gay outscores his counterpart by 10 points and the Grizzlies lose, -10 points are added to the totals seen here. For each game I run the total and the average gets computed by the number of games played. You can see here that 6th man is a weak factor. During weeks 1 and 3 this factor was negative but in week 2 6th man was actually a positive contributor. I believe this was due to a "hang-over" effect from the initial shock to the starters and where teams had to rely more on their bench for wins.

    What does this tell us today against the Bulls? Rudy Gay has to have a monster game but also we can't get punked by the Derrick Rose show! Both guards and bench (O.J. MAYO) need to rock it today. Tony Allen needs to keep up the great play he has had recently. Those are the edge factors we need to seal a win. The fundamental component is up to the entire team, which is to play at the highest level possible they can just to maintain the elite game of the Chicago Bulls. As long as that occurs then we get a chance for nosing out a victory!
    MLK DAY!
    Go Grizz!

    Jan 15, 2012

    Grizzlies 108 vs Hornets 99

    Did not catch much of this game besides the garbage time in the 3rd and 4th quarters once the Patriots were up 42-7 on the Denver Broncos. Ayon has gotten a lot of production in the past 2 games - I have no idea who he is but he could be a decent player. Vasquez is underrated by majority of Grizzlies fans still. Although he's not good enough to displace Bellineli from the starting lineup yet and move Jack to his natural position at the 2 spot. I think that is a mistake by the Hornets although it probably wouldn't help their problems anyway. He's good off the bench too.

    There are some really great photos from the game on

    After 55 games played in week3 we have this chart:

    Point guard has stepped up the claim to the throne here but nothing close to what small forward provides in these contests. Nothing to worry about Mike Conley's production here when Gasol and Rudy Gay are blowing away the competition so handily. Speights also is coming into a groove.

    Grizzlies in Game 11:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley -6 μ = -9.291
    Tony Allen +2 μ = +0.455
    Rudy Gay +22μ = +16.418
    Marreese Speights +5 μ = +3.436
    Marc Gasol +14 μ = +11.909
    6th (OJ Mayo/Quincy Pondexter*) -6 μ = -5.418
    *6th 6th Man for OJ, 2nd for QPon

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 13, 2012

    Exposure - January 16 on ESPN


    - for what they did to us on opening night - a 40 point disaster and loss of Zach Randolph.

    A fine Rudy Gay article:
    - “I just told Rudy Gay: ‘That’s the best I’ve seen you play overall,’” Hollins said.

    Ronald Tillery: Grizzlies' MLK Day game against Bulls is sold out

  • MLK GAME 2012 - Monday - to honor Clyde the Glyde Drexler and George Gervin.
    Go Grizz!
  • Grizzlies 94 vs Knicks 83

    I was so happy to see them get this win on TNT! I went to yoga class Wednesday night, and this happens Thursday night. Coincidence? I think not!

    The game ended in the second half as the Grizzlies carried a 25 point lead. In garbage time the Knicks bench cut the lead down to what you see as the final score, but this was never close. After Melo departed their offense languished. Mike Bibby looked terrible. Anytime the Knicks brought it into the Grindhouse the Grizzlies forced a turnover. They ripped the ball from the Knicks players hands half the time, blocked, or had them finish at the foul line. There was a spectucular finish by Iman Shumpert in the first half as he was fouled by Pondexter. Harrelson got a little hot from downtown, hitting 2 of 4. But other than that they were contained and Amaré Stoudamire remained frustrated in early foul trouble. The man only had 6 points. Are you kidding me? WELCOME TO THE GRINDHOUSE!!

    Grizzlies had many positives to speak about. I really focused on the defense. The game was 75% great defense and 25% great execution on offense. They were a step ahead of the Knicks, who looked relatively slow compared to the OKC Thunder and the young Jazzhands. Each time we swatted a lazy pass in the back court, or turned back an errant drive, the fast break was on and we converted many easy buckets. That's how you build a large home lead my friends! I enjoyed cheering on Josh Selby again tonight. Cunningham also looked particularly focused and relevant out there in this contest.

    Week3 has now had 33 games played. Funny results so far are the 6th man role dropping out from Week2. Center has been more pivotal this week. Small forward still dominates by the largest margin = RUDY GAY = WINNING.

    Here are your Grizzlies stats from the 4th win! We are likely going to see a team right around .500 this year get into the playoffs as 8th seed so a 0.400 record right now is no problem! Especially having missed Conley, Arthur, and ZBO.

    Grizzlies in Game 10:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley -3 μ = -5.333
    Tony Allen +3 μ = +1.485
    Rudy Gay +12μ = +5.970
    Marreese Speights -4 μ = -5.333
    Marc Gasol +8 μ = +5.576
    6th (OJ Mayo*) +4 μ = +5.242
    *5th 6th Man

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 11, 2012

    Grizzlies 95 vs Thunder 100


    A 2 point difference between home games against the Thunder with the most significant differences being Mike Conley in and ZBO out. I suppose that is a positive way to look at it. We only gave 2 more points to the Thunder with ZBO out but our offense stayed exactly the same number of production. Now the Grizzlies should have had this win but for our inability to stop Russell Westbrook when it mattered most and the inability for Rudy Gay to play at an elite NBA level. I liked the Grizzlies effort all around other than that.

    I finally got my stats to show up on this blog in larger font. Sorry if anyone in the world is actually trying to follow this and read it - much better now. Well, this 3rd week of the NBA is continuing the trend already of small forward dominance, and then last night Kobe went off at shooting guard again so those numbers are high again. 6th man so far is contributing not at all to the wider margin wins this week. The starters are leading the charge so far. In week2 it was the exact opposite. Power Forward is also off to a strong start.

    Grizzlies in Game 9:
    PlayereStatμ = mean difference
    Mike Conley -15 μ = -15.176
    Tony Allen -4 μ = -8.412
    Rudy Gay -6μ = -10.294
    Marreese Speights +4 μ = +1
    Marc Gasol +12 μ = +9.529
    6th (OJ Mayo*) +2 μ = +3.176
    *4th 6th Man

    Interesting to see Speights get the first positive game contribution at power-forward (offensively of course) since ZBO went down. I don't need to tell you who hurt us in this one by showing Conley's and Gay's appalling point disparity with Westbrook and Durant. They torched us. Marc Gasol has been perhaps the only reason we're not at the very bottom of the league right now. Mayo and company have been legit. We are very dependent on our bench right now and this shortened lockout season that is a vital component to success. Now the other starters in minus territory (Conley, Allen, Gay) - gotta get it going. We need easier buckets and better plays.

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 9, 2012

    Weekend Recap

    I was out of town for most of the weekend. I did manage to watch the Utah game Friday, although it was not a great game. I completely missed the Lakers game Sunday night. Honestly I didn't have any sports left in me after that Denver Broncos overtime victory.
  • Shout out to Bebe Thomas! GT alums Calivn Johnson and Thomas combined for over 400 yards receiving this weekend!

    I believe the Grizzlies experiencing growth pains with so many new players as well as introducing Rudy Gay as the focal point of the offense. Marc has been struggling a bit. OJ hasn't been playing the stellar sixth man role we need from him quite yet, though we know he is capable of it. Either Sam Young or OJ has to have a spark off the bench each game we play. The Utah game should have been a win and from what I gather the Lakers should have been beatable too. They are old and banged up. During the winning games Tony Allen was playing extremely well along with Sam Young. Hopefully they all bounce back after this road trip.

    Grzzlies 85 at Utah 94

    Through 44 games on Friday night small forward is back on top again. The interesting thing so far is that 6th man role continues to be a factor and the guards a relative non-factor. My gut feeling with the shortened season is that depth and youth are going to rule the standings come this spring.

    Grizzlies in Game 7:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Mike Conley +0 u = +0.250
    Tony Allen +18 u = +16.750
    Rudy Gay +12 u = +8.023
    Dante Cunningham -10 u = -12.660
    Marc Gasol +1 u = +0.971
    6th (OJ Mayo*) -6 u = -7.165
    *3rd 6th Man

    Observe from the above table that OJ Mayo had a really pathetic 6th man contribution. I'm really counting on Speights replacing Cunningham in this lineup. I'm also really counting on our bench getting bolstered by Hamed Haddadi. His value to the team and his ability in general is severely underrated.

    Grzzlies 82 at Lakers 90

    Here are the final stats for Week2:

    The Grizz struggled and Dante Cunningham especially turned out another goose egg against a worn down Pau Gasol. Speights took one shot less than Rudy Gay off the bench. That's a lot of shots for him to take and he was below 50%. That's not Grizz ball. Obviously Kobe had his way and we were embarrassed by Matt Barnes. A real team wouldn't allow him to score in double figures on any night.

    Grizzlies in Game 8:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Mike Conley +11 u = +11.967
    Tony Allen -22 u = -24.567
    Rudy Gay +4 u = -0.533
    Dante Cunningham -13 u = -16.067
    Marc Gasol -13 u = -13.300
    6th (Marreese Speights) +4 u = +1.883

    Go Grizz!
  • Jan 5, 2012

    Grizzlies 90 at Minnesota 86

    The Grizzlies returned to a .500 record along with the Cavs, Jazz, and Raptors last night. Mike Conley truly makes a difference out there in the past 2 games back from injury. Now the Grizzlies' mettle will be tested with ZBO out for possibly 8 weeks. I believe they have all the weapons needed to stay afloat long enough for the Big Dog to heal and get back into playoff action. Easier said than done though!

    Game against Minnesota was terrific. The Timberwolves are still a few cards short of a deck, but they have their King and Queen (or Ace, I admit) in Love and Rubio. They really have 2 of the best young players in the league now and will be a playoff team in the future as long as they surround them with capable players (not Wesley Johnson, Darko, Beasly, Tolliver, Ridnour, etc). I like some of those players but only as "scrub love".

    Here are the stats updated through 28 games this week 2:

    Tony Allen stepped up and had a monster game. Mayo and Sam Young looked sharp as well. I expect a rough time for the guys like Cunningham, Pondexter, Speights, and Josh Davis to get used to this team. Josh Davis actually did not look like a complete boner out there when he played in Minnesota though. Cunningham has to improve if he wants to stay on the starting lineup. I think sometimes Coach Hollins starts guys more to challenge the bench than to reward the starter sometimes. I'm thinking he likes Cunningham but as we saw with Sam Young, pulling a guy out has the reverse effect to motivate him rather than soften his skills. Don't expect Speights to come in and start for the Grizz any time soon. But hopefully they all battle, the top dog comes out with the lead role with ZBO out, and the team is better for it.

    Grizzlies in Game 6:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Mike Conley -1 u = +0.643
    Tony Allen +20 u = +18
    Rudy Gay +8 u = +6.322
    Dante Cunningham -25 u = -28.07
    Marc Gasol +2 u = -0.429
    6th (OJ Mayo*) +2 u = +0.286
    *2nd 6th Man

    Go Grizz!

    Jan 4, 2012

    A New Number 16

    Jersey #16
    Pau Gasol 2002-2008
    Marreese Speights 2012-?
  • Grizzlies Acquire Speights - Official announcement!

    Zach Randolph is out up to 8 weeks! We need more pounds down low so bring it on. Can't wait to have Haddadi and Speights in uniform next Tuesday against the Thunder...
    Go Grizz!
  • Speights?

    Looks like the Grizz may have gotten that last piece to put them over the top! Stay tuned. He looks like he belongs in the Grindhouse.

  • ESPN drops the trade rumor - Hope this goes down. It's been funny that Speights has yet to play for Philly this season. These talks must have been going on. I hope he just hasn't been the odd man out there. Hoping they left him out cuz they knew he'd be moved. Ditto for Xavier Henry. Hope he can jump right into the Hornets lineup with General Greivis and Jack. Guess they wanted insurance on Gordon.

  • Rocking the lockout league
    Go Grizz!

    UPDATE: Introducing your new starting power-forward???? Marreese Speights???? ZBO OUT UP TO 8 WEEKS! There would be 30 games remaining in the season if he is out all 8 weeks. They play 30 games in March in April! WOW!