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Dec 31, 2011

Grizzlies 113 vs Houston 93

  • Grizzlies Win! - emphatic, dominating performance all-around.

    All the new guys looked like they belong. Zach was nailing his rainbow shots and doing fancy sweeping hooks over Dalembert. Both he and Marc Gasol are in playoff form, as the announcers remarked.

    AND THIS GUY!!!!!!!! → → → → →

    The Grizzlies play like this and there's nothing to worry about. Bring on Haddadi. Bring back Conley. Bring back Xavier Henry. We got more firepower than we know what to do with then?!

    <a href='' target='_new' title='Grizzlies on good night' >Video: Grizzlies on good night</a>

    Updated stats thru 49 games:

    Grizzlies in Game 3:
    PlayereStatu = mean difference
    Jeremy Pargo -1 u = -3.102
    Tony Allen -16 u = -20.204
    Rudy Gay -1 u = -7.633
    Zach Randolph +19 u = +18.286
    Marc Gasol +18 u = +18.449
    6th (Quincy Pondexter) +0 u = +1.490

    Hmmm, Grizzlies stats prove one obvious fact. The whole team succeeds in their role and then the bigs get fed. This isn't just the fact that ZBO and Gasol dominate one-on-one against the Rockets bigs. When the other guys run the offense well it results in easy baskets for them. The Rockets only chance was to jack it up with KMartin and allow Lowry to shoot 45 free throws. So the disparity in the guard numbers only shows the weakness in the Rockets strategy. We won the battle, undeniably!

    Quincy Pondexter and company played hard hat ball. Cunningham, Selby, and Mayo got it done.

    But hey that Chandler Parsons rookie can shoot the friggin'ball!

    Go Grizz!
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