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Dec 1, 2011

Gentlemen Start Yer Engines!

  • Marc Gasol in Memphis - Two story-lines to consider here: 1) Marc Gasol is the number one available free agent this month. He is top of most experts' lists. 2) Grizzlies and Gasol both express confidence that he will remain with the team. In many ways he is the heart and soul of this reformed Grizzlies' basketball squad.

    Recall that statistically in season 2010 the Grizzlies starting 5 was significantly more productive than any other 5 man starting unit in the league. Their problem had been their bench production. The ability to retain that core and continue to build around it with guys like Tony Allen, Shane Battier, Greivis, Josh Selby, and Xavier Henry; undoubtedly pushes them deeper and makes them a perennial competitor.

    Let the Games Begin!

    "People close to Gasol are convinced that his desire is to remain in Memphis." -CA

    UPDATE: NBA screws the pooch - choose Orlando, Golden State, and the Clippers over the Grizzlies. Memphis can continue the chip on the shoulder syndrome for the foreseeable future. Terrible news for the Grizzlies faithful.

    I am quite glad this lockout ended. I was in Miami last week and on November 27th they were originally scheduled to play Memphis Grizzlies, by pure coincidence I would have been free to attend this game. Oh, cruel fate! We walked around American Airlines Arena and something felt missing. I realized they had taken down all images and advertisements, banners, posters, etc. around the building because of the lockout. I saw about 25 people with #6 jerseys and about 5 guys with Wade jerseys so you can tell they are there but it felt like I wasn't in an NBA town other than that because I never saw an image of Lebron anywhere. Even on gameday with the Miami Dolphins playing nearby I still saw more fans with Heat jerseys on than any sight of a Dolphins fan. These fans might not have even known there was a lockout though. I did see an ad with Chris Bosh in it somewhere in my hotel I think though.
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