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Nov 16, 2011


Check out this exclusive from the TrueHoopNetwork Grizzlies Blog, 3 Shades of Blue:

  1. Kevin Durant does not miss "the game"?
    I believe this would be his first time back to Memphis area since they lost GAME 6 at the FedEx Forum.
  2. Should you take deal by Nov.10, 2011?
    NO. ouch...
  3. What do you think about decertification?
    Have to look that up. Well, it's sad seeing this 'hypothetical' discussion in the video because now it's happening.

I was glad that Rudy Gay had his Flight22 charity game at the DeSoto Center in Southaven. I haven't lived in Memphis now in almost 9 years, and it's a relatively new facility, but I have had the pleasure to see the Riverkings play hockey there when they were champions to some degree. I have a championship shirt from later in the season still in my closet somewhere!

It's crazy to think that in that little off the beaten track venue all these superstars gathered. I think that's the one silver lining to this work stoppage of the NBA. Never before have your heroes been this accessible and down to earth. That's really the tactic they are playing - we are totally keeping it real, and staying legit, down to earth, word.

At any rate, this whole situation is FUBAR'd.

U R I - RHODY !!!!!

My sports money so far this fall has gone to Georgia Tech Football and University of Rhode Island basketball! STING 'EM JACKETS! GO RAMS!

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