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Sep 22, 2011



It's been fun watching the amateur/hoopmix/AND1 tournament style matchups with Josh Selby absolutely killing it and making a name for himself and the Grizzlies' future. Now OJ Mayo is showing up with Rudy Gay and Tony Allen in Las Vegas impact league.

Never has the Internet been such a vital tool, for NBA geeks, as the Lockout has forced all regular corporate sponsored channels shut-down for the hiatus. 20 years ago we'd simply be watching other sports in the mean time, but now we have all the tools at our fingertips to watch like giddy school children in the local YMCA as the best of the best throw up off the backboard alleyoops to themselves and half-court 360 alley-oops at the buzzer. People will say about the lockout, "remember when Durant scored like 100 points at Rucker Park?!?" instead of, "remember how that lockout in 2011 sucked and all we could do was watch college football?"

In other news - Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol are repeat EuroBasket champions for the first time in some decades. Pau Gasol had said recently on twitter how it's now been 10 years ago since he came to the Grizzlies as a rookie. I can't believe it because I too came from Barcelona 10 years ago, except I was there for only 10 weeks on a study abroad program, to return to Memphis and Atlanta to wrap up my last semester of college. Personal Diatribe: With 9 years under my belt in the work force with my "High Honor's" degree, I have found it incredibly hard to stay positive at times and achieve the "American Dream".

Enough about me though right? Well, things haven't changed that much for either the NBA players or myself. The economy is in real bad shape as it was when I graduated from school during the September 11 aftermath and the "Tech Bubble" burst. Now we've had the housing bubble and the economic system meltdown which has no doubt intensified the severity of this NBA lockout. Despite increased revenue they are fighting tooth and nail for the division of the pie, which undoubtedly will grow slower as a result.

The theme I will leave with is that despite all the adversities and setbacks that we face throughout life at all times, if you do continue to persevere, things usually do work out. Any other action is only going to worsen the circumstances, so keep up the good fight, and let's get on with the show!

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