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Jul 7, 2011


Apparently former Clipper and Wizard Al Thornton is running out of top tier travel destinations. It's going to be a long summer and you want to be by the beach and out of the crowds so Delaware can't be the worst destination choice. We certainly can't blame him for his enthusiasm. Via twitter:

Al Thornton: "Loving it out here in Delaware.." yesterday

Homer: "The Simpsons are goin' to Delaware!"
Lisa: "I wanna see Wilmington!"
Bart: "I wanna visit a screen door factory!"
Marge: "Yup - Delaware has it all!"

Beats the hell out of going to Turkey (Deron Williams!? and ZaZa Pachulia) or Minnetonka, Minnesota. SuperCoolBees is up to it again driving high speed high high high on the mary jane again. Summer lovin'! Enjoy the jailtime.

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