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Jun 10, 2011

NBA Finals Update: Mavs 3, Heat 2

  • Why the Mavs should be Favored – breakdown on the team stats leading up to the Finals. I wonder now if Miami was actually overachieving early in the series? Especially their role players have "come back down to earth" it feels like.
  • The King vs The Custodian – great article with some quotes by Brian Cardinal

  • I have some observations to share on this finals. I have missed the entire conference finals and only watched the 4th quarter of 2 of the 5 finals games so my perspective is a little murky. But the last 3 games have been very, very good. And since I'm cheering the Mavs I have liked the outcomes too.

    I found it amusing how much was made from LeBrandon's posture that Game 5 was the most important game of his life. JVG and Mark Jackson said you know every game is the most important so it's a tautology. It really doesn't need to be said. It reminded me about what was written prior to every single Grizzlies playoff game this summer. "Most important Grizzlies game of all time for the franchise!" That's true, but shouldn't it always be true? Think if you lived your life that way, like today is going to be the best day of my life. It may not be when you look back but having that attitude is great! It's like living each day like a newborn puppy.

    Speaking of puppies. These Miami puppies got stomped on.

    Have absolutely LOVED watching Brian Cardinal out there. For the last 5 years? every time I see him I have anxiety and think of breaking things. But now he's actually playing really well and doing what he's always supposed to do. He knocked down a beautiful three last night. Give it up for the Custodian! There's a place in heaven for all of the God's children, even the Puerto Rican midgets.

    I set myself so against the Heat that I had to start trying to like them, just so I could enjoy watching the rest of this basketball season. I had to stop hating.

    Now I love Mike Miller and I used to be a Chris Bosh fan until that funky breakup he had with Toronto, which has been the poor ugly stepsister ever since Tracy McGrady left town. So, I have them as an entry-point to cheering.

    You go down the line, and it's Eddie House, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem. These are great ballers and you gotta give it up man. Dallas has just been incredible though. Here's the deal. Miami was assembled not by basketball genius like the Dallas team, but by friendships and alliances. Juwan Howard, Erick Dampier, and BIGZ are garbage. Joel Anthony is having to play all the minutes at center. That's pathetic. Mike Bibby = FAIL. Worse than Gary Payton with the Lakers.

    Favorite quote from JVG last night: Do you think Rick Carlile ever had any idea back in training camp that he'd be playing Ian Mahinmi and Brian Cardinal right now in the finals? (paraphrased from my wacky memory).

    Just to make this picture complete, "momma, there goes that man!"
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