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Jun 24, 2011

Baltimore Rip Score

With the 49th pick in the 2011 draft, Memphis Grizzlies select Baltimore, Maryland homeboy, Josh Selby. This guy looks like a skilled, though less athletic DeMar Derozen (dunk contest champion).

In high school he was a top recruit. He was bound for Tennessee but their program flamed out so he went to Kansas. This makes 3 Grizzlies drafts out of the last 4 having landed a Kansas Jayhawk player (Darrell Arthur 00, Xavier Henry 13, Josh Selby 32).

Have to wonder where this 32 wearing Magic man puts Grizzlies' #32 OJ Mayo. For now I think OJ's job is secure. Selby will be an end of the bench guy to develop unless he just comes out totally ripping. Since he fell all the way to 49 in the draft it's very unlikely he's going to leap over Mayo, Henry, Tony Allen, for playing time on the Grizz. He barely could get playing time at Kansas because of injury, suspension, and who knows what else. Grizzlies will simply take him in, mold, and mentor him. Rudy Gay, Sam Young, and Greivis Vasquez all have strong ties to the Baltimore area. And he's someone we can stash in the D-League for a while too.

This is a great situation for the Grizzlies because a player like this is high risk, high reward, but the position taken in the draft is a non-guaranteed rookie contract. Therefore, if he pays off, he'll pay off big time. If not, they part ways without really losing any substantial investment. The only guy I like picked after him was Isaiah Thomas, who is one of the shortest players ever drafted.

It's good to not have to care about the draft this year, and yet feel a bit of fortune coming our way down the road. Let's hope they work out those salaries and keep this game rolling next fall!

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J-Bo said...

Two years ago I was watching this baller and others on the tube... and it just was like... damn...

Selby > Knight > Irving


A STEAL my nigga!!!