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May 5, 2011

Up with the White and Gold

play dis:

  • Grizzlies set to whiteout the GrindHouse – white shirt and gold growl towels!

    All fans attending any Second Round Playoff games at FedExForum will also receive a Round Two Gold Grizzlies Growl Towel

  • bonus vid: GT cheerleaders doing the white & gold

    So then it's up with the White and Gold
    Down with the Blue and Orange
    Memphis is out for a victory
    We'll drop our battle axe on Westbrook's head, CHOP!
    When we meet her our team will surely beat her
    Down on old Bennett's farm there'll be no sound
    When our Growl Towels rip through the air
    When the battle is over Okie's team will be found
    With the Memphis Grizzlies stomping around.

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