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May 3, 2011

if you build it...

Suddenly everyone ♥ the Grizzlies – they will come.

I am more or less speechless about the Grizzlies playoff run. I went to 5 Grizzlies games on 3 different cross-country flights a couple seasons ago and they lost all of them, but I had a blast. Now I'm going to see them play in 2 home playoff games this weekend and Monday....!?!? And, depending how tonight goes, they might even be... the favorites!?

How did we get here?

  1. Hollins -
    He's old school. He calls reporters "son". He checks ego at the door (Allen Iverson lasted days on the calendar). He doesn't coddle rookies. When he said some choice comments about the new officiating styles this year in preseason, the league fined him. He never commented on them again. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

  2. The Infamous Three Year Plan -
    The words were what every fan wanted to hear, but almost none could believe. In three years we would not just be out of the lottery, winning some home games, no longer a league embarrassment. No, the promise was in three years we'd be in the playoffs again and poised to compete for championship. It sounded delusional given the roster at the time and the recent draft history of guys yet to become complete players: Lowry, Warrick, Gay, and Conley.

  3. Pau Gasol -
    Another proclamation heard after our third playoff sweep was that the organization was going to quit trying to add more arms to the octopus. Instead of just going out and getting more talent they would rebuild around Pau in a systematic way with complementary players. With injuries to Gasol, false start with Coach Iavaroni, and inconsistent play by guys like Darko this plan tanked. A do-over was commissioned in the hands of Chris Wallace. The rest is history.

  4. Zach Randolph -
    Every great sports team must have a star. In a message board survey for nicknames of Marc Gasol and ZBo I came up with my favorite. Because they truly are extraordinary star players and they combine so many talents I name them for a constellation. One second they are hauling down rebounds and making putbacks, then they knock down 15 foot jumpshots.

    Ursa Major :: Ursa Minor

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