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May 14, 2011

Game 6: Post-Mortem (cont.)

Zach Randolph

I can't tell anything you don't already know about this dude. He is a Grizzly Bear. Just look at him in the paint. My favorite quote is by Kevin Garnett this year when the Grizzlies beat them in Boston again. He said, "I felt like I was wrestling with a grizzly bear the whole game."

Tony Allen
ALL HEART, GRIT GRIND! The Tony Allen's of the world make it a joy to be alive. Do you know someone like him? He's the guy that is always up. Even when he's down you know a joke or something and he's back to his old self. On the other hand, there is a dark side to the guy. He's a competitor. He wants to win. And he's going to hurt you if you come between him and that goal. Tony hit an awesome 3 last night and redeems himself with some good finishes at the rim. Tony Allen #9 had full size cutouts all over the Memphis Airport when I visited last week. The town has embraced his tenacity and emotional display. We know he has an NBA Championship ring so that stuff isn't just him being cute. He's serious about winning. He's a Memphis Grizzly!

O.J. Mayo
JUICE. This guy has come up huge. He's been through it all this year, but finally has put it together. He's in there at the end of all the games. He hits unconscious shots in pressure situations when a normal person would freeze like a deer in headlights. The thing that separates him from other scorers this post-season however, is the terrific defense he's played against the Thunder. He's forced strategic adjustments on either side. OJ is going to be sought after when his contract comes up. Everyone has seen the potential for him to be a leader, and now he's been through the bumps of life and had success at the highest level.

Sam Young

Obviously coaches like what Sam brings to the starting lineups. He's had some brilliant dunks in the playoffs. He plays good defense. He gets it. Sam Young plays at full speed and will be a great player returning next year for his third year.

Shane Battier
I freaked out big time when Shane hit the buzzer beater 3pt at the end of the first half in last night's game. It cut the lead down to 10 points (54-44). Shane represents a lot for this franchise and for this team. Redemption. Grit. Hustle.
Shane is glue between this city and the original triumph of the Grizzlies. And he's back. Can you believe it? Gasol 2.0 and now Shane 2.0.

Mike Conley
Mike Conley is the fearless floor general. Problem this series is his shots are not falling. Besides the miracle shot at the end of regulation in Game 4 - he's been a horrible shot. But the guy has done well against Westbrook and company. And he's instrumental in running the offense. Conley at this point is underrated and I really expect him to establish himself as a top 10 point guard in the next season or two. The quintessential point guard is becoming a rare thing in the NBA anyway.

Marc Gasol

To set up Conley's game-tying 3 at the end of Game 4 - Marc Gasol had to block Westbrook coming down the lane. He's the anchor and what I like to call URSA MAJOR next to ZBO (Ursa Minor). The dive to the floor last night was incredible. The big man hitting the deck and making a play you only see in the Olympics, seldom seen from spoiled NBA stars. The little brother just ended up in Memphis by a stroke of cosmic irony. Sometimes you have to wonder though if things are just meant to be!!! Memphis has really been bless with the Gasols.

Darrell "King" Arthur - a force to reckon with. Sweet shot that goes in from 18 feet.

Hamed Haddadi - clearly has the talent but working to put it all together and when he does he will be a starter in the NBA somewhere.

Greivis Vasquez - reminds me of Steve Nash with the shot. but he can hit it! He did it in Overtime! You can't teach champion instinct. You can't teach exuberance. He's a great piece of this playoff team!

Shout out to Leon Powe, Ish, Demarre Carroll, Thabeet, JWill, Xavier Henry, and especially Rudy Gay ...

I love the super slowed down videos.
Watch this video or skip to the 3minutes mark. Just great stuff. You can see the power and ferocity of the game only at this level.

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