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Apr 16, 2011

Playoff Round 1 - ZBO vs Timmy

"I ain't won since Portland, you know"

People in media still calling Zach a punk and shit like that. They better watch some film and listen to their elders.
"We feel that Zach is a good guy. He's well liked in Memphis. And, quite frankly, since he's been with us, he's been nothing but cooperative and nothing but a model citizen.''

— Grizzlies owner
Michael Heisley

He was a top 5 big man in the West this year - and a huge allstar snub. Don't matter. Last year he made all-star but it's far important this year that we're playing at least 4 extra games. This is big.

Tim Duncan is a proven legend. Guys like Shaq crowned themselves. Duncan just does it, without the pomp.

But no one's perfect. He can get under folks skin. Apparently NBA Ref Joey Crawford isn't a fan.

My first memory of Tim Duncan is his spoiler role with Wake Forest against Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament finals in 1996 (a 27 point and 22 rebound performance). But I found this gem of GT actually beating a very young Tim Duncan with Stephon Marbury and Matt Harpring.

Can you believe guys actually stayed in college all 4 years back then even though he was a guarantee #1 draft pick his sophomore year? Randolph, a 1 and done at MSU, does not have the intellectual edge on Duncan, we know, but a one-on-one physical battle, you gotta believe, belongs to ZBO.

Watch out though,

Advantage: Grizzlies

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