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Apr 12, 2011

Playoff Picture Playoff Picture

Keep this going tonight in Portland. 2 games left. One last funky West coast road trip to Portland tonight and LAClippers at the notorious Staples Center tomorrow night. I sure would love the Grizzlies to play Portland on the road in the second round so I could have a great excuse to go visit there & see a game. I can perceive a roguish sojourn to light the fires.

Grizzlies win their first article - But haters still gonna hate.

"Simply making the playoffs is about as good as it's going to get in Graceland for the foreseeable future."

-Believe dis

Go get game 1 and then the series will fall. We ain't got much of a realistic chance to take a series, but attitude is everything. Go for it and see what happens.

Look for a full analysis here when it's determined who we gonna play first round. I plan to do a position by position breakdown of the player matchups.

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