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Apr 30, 2011

Unstoppable Force

The Grizzlies were an unstoppable force at home in this series, and that's why they're moving on to Oklahoma City today!


I will go to Memphis next weekend for games 3 and 4 at their home. I cut a deal where I would only travel to watch the Grizzlies in the playoffs if they make it to round 2 and beyond. And because it's my birthday that wish has been honored and my flight itinerary is sealed and done. ROAR!
If anyone out there wants to help me with some tickets to Game 4 I need 2 good ones. I'll pay I just am worried of the potential sellout… Cheers,

Apr 24, 2011

Arriba Grizzlies!

Grinding this series to a 2-1 lead at home.

"as Zach goes, the Grizzlies go". They went for the first Grizzlies home playoff win after 6 straight losses from 2003 until 2006. There were no more playoff games until last night.

The ender ender


  • Apr 20, 2011

    Playoff Round 1 - Jefferson vs Young

    Sam Young has to be the Grizzlies best 2nd round pick ever. (Sorry Lawrence Roberts). It wasn't hard to make a good pick at that spot in 2009 though, with DeJuan Blair and Chase Budinger still on the board (both All Rookie team players). Sam has not hit any kind of sophomore slump though and has established himself as the starting SF without question. He filled in at SG for a bit but moved to the 3 with Tony Allen inserted into the lineup.

    Sam can hit big shots. He has wily ball fakes. He's a mature player that used all his NCAA eligibility before turning pro. And he's pretty darn talented:

    Now to RJ.

    I have to admit I've never liked the Nets until they got Anthony Morrow.
    And I certainly did not appreciate his efforts with the Milwaukee Bucks. So, of all the Spurs players he's definitely my least favorite. But it don't mean he's not a good player.

    Too bad the Vince Carter Nets thing didn't work out. If it did you might have the Nets with Melo actually competing with the Celtics instead of watching the pathetic Knicks getting swept?

    Here's a nice slammy:

    Like all my breakdowns here, the players I have highlighted haven't actually faced off much in the Game 1. Marc Gasol really went up against Duncan. ZBO went against McDyess, and Ginobli ain't even played. In fact it's never really 1 on 1 in any way shape or form.

    Now Sam Young will guard Jefferson some but you might see Tony on him as well. It's kind of stupid to break it down this way. But I like to think Sam Young is prettier than Jefferson so we still win this matchup:

    Maybe not!

    But Sam Young and Grizz all have something on these jaded, estranged Spurs players: potential, hope, and youth. The Spurs approach is that this is their job to do. I think Sam's approach is that the sky is the limit and "I can go as high as I will go". Not just because today is 4/20 either!

    Advantage: Grizzlies

    Apr 19, 2011


    super nice track,

    no days off!

    Playoff Round 1 - Allen vs Ginobli

    "We ain't here just to be here, we here to win."

    This video about the Grizzlies playoff clench is the way to start the Tony Allen story. His first year in Memphis has been foremost about the team because he's always been an outstanding bench player. Those guys don't get the spotlight but they are critical for success of the team.

    Well they took the above video down for some reason. Try this one instead:

    Tony has been in the starting lineup since around the time Xavier Henry was injured and then Rudy Gay went down. They say around the time of the inflight scuffle between Mayo and Allen the team came together and cleared the air. The team then resolved all the personal stuff and got it together. His leadership qualities, albeit unconventional, have turned this team into a league-leading force on defense, tenacity, Ubuntu, grit, grind, and heart.

    Manu has resurrected the Spurs this year. He's nearly an MVP candidate, and certainly has played allstar level. The Spurs changed philosophy this season and basically have outshot all their opponents. This style of play has been great for Manu, and he's become their go-to scorer. For the Spurs to maintain their number one record throughout the post-season they must get Ginobli back on the floor healthy. I'm sure we will see him a lot in this series even though he missed game one. Tony Allen will have to give him hell for the Grizzlies to keep up!

    Don't mess with batman,

    The question is whether the 6th highest "impact" player (from Mathletics blog) in NBA is in form. The Spurs point differential has gone to hell since they were the bonafide #1 team before the allstar break. Now they are just upper-tier since then and hence that crazy losing streak. Until Manu proves himself and shows he's 100%, you can't deny the impact Tony Allen has on the defensive side. The Grizzlies hold them from scoring on so many possessions. Where will they make up for that presence?

    Advantage: Grizzlies

    Advantage: Grizzlies

    Apr 16, 2011

    Playoff Round 1 - ZBO vs Timmy

    "I ain't won since Portland, you know"

    People in media still calling Zach a punk and shit like that. They better watch some film and listen to their elders.
    "We feel that Zach is a good guy. He's well liked in Memphis. And, quite frankly, since he's been with us, he's been nothing but cooperative and nothing but a model citizen.''

    — Grizzlies owner
    Michael Heisley

    He was a top 5 big man in the West this year - and a huge allstar snub. Don't matter. Last year he made all-star but it's far important this year that we're playing at least 4 extra games. This is big.

    Tim Duncan is a proven legend. Guys like Shaq crowned themselves. Duncan just does it, without the pomp.

    But no one's perfect. He can get under folks skin. Apparently NBA Ref Joey Crawford isn't a fan.

    My first memory of Tim Duncan is his spoiler role with Wake Forest against Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament finals in 1996 (a 27 point and 22 rebound performance). But I found this gem of GT actually beating a very young Tim Duncan with Stephon Marbury and Matt Harpring.

    Can you believe guys actually stayed in college all 4 years back then even though he was a guarantee #1 draft pick his sophomore year? Randolph, a 1 and done at MSU, does not have the intellectual edge on Duncan, we know, but a one-on-one physical battle, you gotta believe, belongs to ZBO.

    Watch out though,

    Advantage: Grizzlies

    Apr 15, 2011

    Playoff Round 1 - Gasol vs McDyess

    Vintage 34 year old scoring clinic

    Here lies the question, can the Grizzlies youth compare with the Spurs veteran savvy? The elder Gasol is now two-time champion. Marc and company have avoided that tough draw against the champs in order to meet the Spurs, where they surely think they have an advantage. Marc is physically much larger, stronger, and comelier than the Spurs bigs:

    Gasol also thinks he's Emeka Okafor (No idea?)

    Advantage: Grizzlies

    Playoff Round 1 - Parker vs Conley

    His sham celebrity marriage lasted about 8 months if I recall. 7/7/7 wasn't so lucky. Now he's going up against the man I like to call "Ferrari". Let's take it to 7 games for him! And win it!

    Forget about it!

    Conley got some skills.

    ADVANTAGE: Grizzlies

    Remember the Grindhouse?

    The Memphis Grizzlies are revving it up, assuredly, for the second season, also known as the NBA playoffs. After locking up their playoff birth with cakewalk wins over Minnesota, New Orleans, and Sacramento the Grizzlies entered into a preseason incubation period. Many fans, including myself, were puzzled and frustrated that they did not go all out in the last week of action to try and secure a lower seed. We know the Grizzlies players are extremely pumped though. The players that were pulled from the final stretch games, such as Tony Allen, were probably more upset than any of the fans. Their focus will be razor sharp as they advance & vanquish the number one seeded San Antonio Spurs.

    Remember the Grindhouse?

    It wasn’t just the turnovers, it was the offensive boards along with the lack of focus,” Popovich said in his brief postgame appearance before closing with: “It was a disappointing night, and that’s not something to be proud of.”

    Grizzlies beat the Spurs twice in March. Game 1 they were without Tony Parker. Game 2 they were without Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli injured himself. This Sunday the Spurs advertise that Manu is doubtful for the first game at the Texas border outpost town. To be fair, the Grizzlies have endured the loss of their leading scorer, Rudy Gay, since the All-Star break in early February. The Spurs system works even without their big name players because they preach a philosophy that everyone buys into and it gets results. They plug in guys that play certain roles, which is very successful.

    Remember the Alamo?

    On the other hand, the Spurs have beaten the Grizzlies two times at their adobe. The first game went to OT with an OJ Mayo miracle buzzer beater. Then in overtime period, Tony Parker cut them up to cap a 37 point performance. Not too shabby for the Grizz while the #1 NBA team, Spurs, was kicking on full effect in the middle of their largest win streak of the season. That game had no Rudy Gay because he was suspended for a shove to Luis Scola the night before. So, ironically, Rudy has not suited up against the Spurs in any of the matches with San Antonio this year.

    My next posts will break down the player-by-player match-ups. I will be coming from the Grizzlies point of view but it will be interesting to see how these teams have compared before and what we can expect in this series.

    Apr 12, 2011

    Playoff Picture Playoff Picture

    Keep this going tonight in Portland. 2 games left. One last funky West coast road trip to Portland tonight and LAClippers at the notorious Staples Center tomorrow night. I sure would love the Grizzlies to play Portland on the road in the second round so I could have a great excuse to go visit there & see a game. I can perceive a roguish sojourn to light the fires.

    Grizzlies win their first article - But haters still gonna hate.

    "Simply making the playoffs is about as good as it's going to get in Graceland for the foreseeable future."

    -Believe dis

    Go get game 1 and then the series will fall. We ain't got much of a realistic chance to take a series, but attitude is everything. Go for it and see what happens.

    Look for a full analysis here when it's determined who we gonna play first round. I plan to do a position by position breakdown of the player matchups.

    Apr 7, 2011


    1. Grizz AP Story – Playoffs clencher is one game away.
    play dis: